Лев Лещенко едва не погиб The singer narrowly escaped death several times in my life. Friends and colleagues of Lev Leshchenko I believe that the artist was born in the shirt. In addition, they believe that he, like his father, will live to be a hundred years.
Лев Лещенко едва не погиб

Lev Leshchenko February 1 this year marks 76 years. The actor is in great physical and professional form, it is always a frequent and a welcome guest at large concerts and television shows. The star of the Soviet stage, the absolute champion in the hits at all times, Lev Leschenko has no reason to complain about creative life. Despite all the difficulties faced by almost every talented artist in the Soviet era, a woman could become popular then and still is loved by millions of listeners still.

But his life had many trials. Several times Lev Leschenko has appeared, that is, on the verge of death. As a schoolboy, sports Leschenko fell from gymnastics rings fell badly, almost dived head first into the floor. Doctors saved a young Lion. And now in the documentary for the First channel, “You remember, sailed two stars…” he, passing by the hospital, bows in gratitude to them. Later, fate once again tested it for strength.

May 18, 1972, morning Leshchenko rehearsing with his ensemble, the musicians, his good friends. On the same day they have to fly on a tour to Kharkov, and with them the talented parodist Viktor Chistyakov. But at the last moment a woman refuses to travel. Such was the decision of the Ministry of culture. His friend Gennady Khazanov recalls how difficult Leshchenko then was given a choice that saved his life. The plane that was to fly the singer, crashed all the musicians and parodist Chistyakov died.

Лев Лещенко едва не погиб“If Leshchenko will not participate in the concert, he was expelled from radio and television – that was the ultimatum. Loew made a choice. Remember, Loew came to say goodbye to the musicians, and the look on his face I will never forget, because this man knew that gave him life…” – said Gennady Khazanov.
Лев Лещенко едва не погиб

Leshchenko was able accidentally to avoid death. In 1986, the officials of the Institute were invited Leshchenko and Vinokur cruise on the passenger ship “Admiral Nakhimov”. But the artists at the last minute did not go, and the list of passengers left their names. When on August 31 at the output of “Nakhimov” left the port a disaster, a collision with a cargo ship, and the ship sank, killing hundreds of people. A few days the whole country was sure that favorite artists were among those who unasul, and the authorities conceal the sad fact. The rumors ended only after Leshchenko and Vinokur appeared in public. “This is fate or karma, call it what you want” – said Leshchenko.

Leshchenko born in the cold winter of 1942, when Moscow was a real hunger. Neighbors said that the child would not survive, but the kid was strong. But his mother was not able to survive times of famine. But his father Valerian Andreevich only three months did not live to a hundred years. Sam Lev Leschenko has recognized that the fact that the longevity of his father is very invigorating. “I very much hope, that it helps me that I in General from the team of centenarians,” – said Leshchenko.

Friends confirm the words of the artist. “Leo lost his mother when he was a year old. But God takes things away, and something gives. And the father did not live three months to a century. Let’s hope that Loew went to the father, and that we still have a hundred years otgulyaem…” – said Igor Krutoy.