«Давай поженимся!» – 10 лет: почему ведущих шоу преследуют неудачи в личной жизни Known project in July this year celebrates its anniversary. His leading Larisa Guzeeva, rose Sabitova, Vasilisa Volodina Tamara Globa have become people’s favorites. They helped to create a family dozens of pairs, and remained a shoemaker without shoes…
«Давай поженимся!» – 10 лет: почему ведущих шоу преследуют неудачи в личной жизни

Third marriage Guzeeva bursting at the seams, Sabitova was a victim of domestic violence, Globa got married three times, all to no avail. Only Volodya looks all good, but is it really?

“StarHit” asked experts to explain why famous women are not lucky, and to give advice on how to rectify the situation.


Larisa Guzeeva is one of the most striking and characteristic on leading Russian TV. She’s the only one of the Quartet, “let’s get married!” can afford an ironic and sometimes caustic remarks addressed to the participants of the show. However, Guzeeva many times to help the candidates. For example, given the operation Alexander Belasco of the Zelenograd region, which sought to project the bride. His nose was mutilated in the fight. After the plastic he finally met your soul mate. But personal life of the Larisa Andreevna goes wrong. Guzeeva married for the third time. First husband, Sergei Kuryokhin, went tragically died from an overdose. From the second chosen one the actress gave birth to a son George, but soon filed for divorce. In the last marriage, with Igor Buharov, was born the daughter Olga. Bukharov and Guzeeva met in his youth and long time friends. To register the relationship she agreed in only 40 years. However, this Union is imperfect.

Says the astrologer TASHA IGOSHINA:

“The sun Larisa Guzeeva is in Gemini. And this because of their ambivalence contradictory and unstable. On the one hand, Larisa communicative, creative, passionate. On the other, it is Pluto, located in Virgo, but it gives indomitable spirit, analytical mind, ability to transform from charming beauty in the power of the lady. Personal life Actresses like volcano: the Cavaliers succeeded each other. So clever and attractive lady is difficult to find a suitable partner. I’m sure her pillow, saw a lot of tears. Beauty actress slays men, the irony impressed. But the mind and temper suppressed.

The reason for the disorder of Larissa is linked with karma. Guzeeva need to get rid of pride. Need to work on yourself, not to show character. Sometimes it is necessary to be weak. See that’s trying. Her have been repeated attempts to create and preserve the family. Guzeeva has long struggled with addiction first husband – Sergey Kuryokhin. With the second spouse, the Caja Tolordava, did not agree because of different mentality. It would seem that the last one, Igor Bukharov, who was waiting for a star all my life – her destiny… But it is a question. Perhaps we haven’t yet found a man who can tame the shrew?”

«Давай поженимся!» – 10 лет: почему ведущих шоу преследуют неудачи в личной жизни


For the first time about Rosa Syabitova talking to the whole country after history with beating. The husband Yuri Andreyev has repeatedly raised her hand. Ironic was the fact that the man the matchmaker had met at the program “Let’s get married!”. He came to one of the heroines, but could not hide his sympathy for the leading. The couple got married, but three years later divorced. Sabitova did not hush up the scandal, by contrast, openly shared their grief with the public. In spite of everything a career in TV went on the mountain. She has changed dramatically and externally. In the life of Rose began to appear in men younger than her, but none of them managed to build a relationship. The star recently met a new gentleman named Rinat. For him she is ready for everything, even the intimate plastic, which plans to make in the fall.

Says the sexologist PAUL RAKOV:

“Private life of a Rose like a sad series. In his youth, as a majority of the people of the Soviet Union: she married, had two children, thus fulfilling women’s mission. However, after 10 years of marriage became a widow. The husband died suddenly from a heart attack. Rose grieved the loss and, like many women in this situation have given up. As a result, the project “let’s get married!” she was in an asexual manner the blue stocking – stout, with a tuft on the head, unfashionable glasses. Probably it should look like a matchmaker. Rose could only shed bitter tears, because no one wanted! About any of the intimate life and speech did not go. All of these factors pressured the psyche of women. She felt useless, ugly. However, it later appeared Yuri Andreev, who literally stuck to celebrities, has penetrated into all spheres of life – became a Director, engaged in its business. There is a Mercantile interest. I don’t think she was excited. Hence the scandals, ending fights, and subsequently difficult divorce. That’s what happens when bezrybe cancer and fish… Everything changed in 2012: Sabitova received an invitation to participate in the popular project “grow thin with “StarHit”. In three months she lost 20 pounds and looking at myself in the mirror, she saw another person. Just then came the second youth. Rose realized that maybe, most importantly, wants to be sexual and to please men. Increased breast, made a face, stuffed a tattoo in the abdomen. Of course, it began to pay attention to, but who? Questionable Alfonso, wishing to bask in the glory known leading. Of course, good sex does not harm anyone else, but the matter was not. Sabitova suggest to look for a soul mate abroad. In Russia, unfortunately, it has little chance to find happiness. Too strong trail past. Perhaps the question is the same… Also the heroine have to stop chasing the standard of beauty and try to change. Rose, love yourself just the way you are, develop your inner confidence! Then a worthy candidate for sure will not pass”.

«Давай поженимся!» – 10 лет: почему ведущих шоу преследуют неудачи в личной жизни
«Давай поженимся!» – 10 лет: почему ведущих шоу преследуют неудачи в личной жизни


The first time Tamara had tied the knot hymen with classmate Sergei, who was not ready for family life. Secondly – known astrologer Pavel Globa. He helped a leading to find yourself in a career, however, prosperity was not. The most successful was the third Union – with the famous swimmer Benjamin Chanovice. Each marriage lasted seven years. What is this bad luck or a coincidence?

Commented tarragon TATIANA ADAMYAN:

“Judging by the situation, none of the marriages Tamara was not completely happy. Before loneliness was her conscious choice, but now has become a given. The first time she married for big love, but the relationship has outlived its usefulness. In the second Union, with Pavel Globa, received less attention. The wife is always surrounded by countless of people and longing for the fair sex. The man eventually left by himself. Tamara felt then the pain as if it operated. Running away, hiding from reality. In the third marriage shed many tears. Globa – spirited, strong lady. With men these qualities are in the way. At the moment the greatest love of a woman – work. Tamara had long aspired to wealth, did not want to live in poverty and finally found what I want. See what she’ll build a harmonious relationship. Now she has a patron, a fan who wishes to be near. But until she feels more comfortable one.”

«Давай поженимся!» – 10 лет: почему ведущих шоу преследуют неудачи в личной жизни


Vasilisa Volodin analyzes the personality of the characters in “heaven” – the sign of the zodiac, time, and place of birth, the position of the planets. According to most forums, astrology helped her meet her husband – Sergei Volodin. Star made up for his prognosis 17 years ago, and since then they are together. However, some viewers think that happy smiling woman – a mask.

Says the psychologist-practitioner VICTOR PONOMARENKO:

“Public people often share a house and a job, not wanting to admit to the personal space of strangers. Vasilisa intelligent, always so friendly and welcoming. The ability to keep the necessary distance – it’s a talent. However, there is another explanation for such behavior: man is governed by fear. Perhaps, once Volodin was open to the world, but I met someone who had caused her so much grief, or just drank all the juice. It is likely that in the family women are not as smooth as she wants to show. So smile began to look artificial, causing resentment of the spectators, because in front of the camera all the emotions at a glance. Maybe Vasilisa just became harder to protect the rest of the family.”