“Let’s get a divorce!” Larisa Guzeeva openly talked about the breakup with her husband

«Давай разведемся!» Лариса Гузеева откровенно рассказала о расставании с мужем
The presenter is going through a difficult life period.

«Давай разведемся!» Лариса Гузеева откровенно рассказала о расставании с мужем

“The men around me were many — just herds. But I felt completely alone. Relations in the genre of “We met a strange and weird disperse”. Is this life? Only when I had children, I got rid of loneliness”

Photo: Philip Potters. The Larissa jacket Marina Rinaldi

Larisa Guzeeva, which is already twenty years married
businessman Igor Buharov, has made an unexpected recognition. The hostess of the show “Let’s
get married” admitted that several months ago she was in the verge of divorce.

“Igor and I went through a very difficult
winter — said Guzeeva in the “Perfect repair”. Everything I said
informed about our breakup, really. There is no smoke without fire. We with Igor already 20
years, anything can happen. Our brains involved, we decided not to tell the country. What
happened to us, can survive, and we survived. But a family crisis has not yet
overcome. Igor will be with me in the day when I walk into the house after renovation.
Until. Thank you all for your participation. Thank God, we
understood, there will be no divorce”.

Igor is now resting in Bulgaria with the mother, and Larissa is located in Moscow. It
continues to work on the project “let’s get married”: by the way, almost no one in the family
the presenter this program is not looking.

“Except for mom — here she is looking all programs than me so
annoying — shared with Guzeeva 7days.ru.
— Because I’m rarely home, and I think this is a good time to me
chat. And mother for the sake of those UNILOCK closed in her room and won’t come out
out the hour. I wonder: “What do you want to look out for, mom?” Interview, she
also all my reads. I say again: “Ask me question, I tell you all
will tell”. And sometimes, mom will ask about gear — but I don’t remember. I
write it in the wild mode. And I know my mom didn’t understand: “of course you
not to the mother.” I explained: “Mom, I’m so done talking at work on the set that
my language is already not moving.” Or Igor says: “I Want a fresh joke?” I
him: “do Not want”. It’s like Vysotsky: “Then one day as nakuvyrkaeshsya…” Here
only the husband always understands, and my mother might be offended. I then go to her and
say, “Mommy, I’m sorry, please.” And she said, “How can you so, I
your mother.” Interestingly, I also then say to their children:
“How can you, you do not mind me? I’m your mother.” Admit that they have
families when they grow up, there will be something similar to happen. Still passed out
generation to generation. In General, we, of course, passions are, we are very
people, noisy and hardly that, to sort things out with tears.”

Larisa Guzeeva with her husband Igor