Да будет челка! Харпер Бекхэм сменила прическу

Victoria Beckham with daughter Harper

Last weekend a 44-year-old Victoria Beckham and her seven year old daughter Harper treated themselves to a bachelorette party. First, the designer took the girl to the procedures for the care of the person in the office to a well-known expert Barbara Storm (the ladies are Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow), and then to the salon to Luke Hersheson. Star hairdresser did Harper “chic little French Bob.” The girl’s mother shared the result of the beauty of transformation in their Instagram-stories: video Harper sits perfectly still, and Luke otstegat her bangs.

The same day, the 43-year-old David Beckham brought his 16-year-old son Romeo to the hairdresser, which they love to go together. Ex-football player posted a video of how Romeo do the head massage after the procedure.

By the way, apparently, the husband of Victoria is hardly a rad new haircut daughter. Somehow he already said that he would like to Harper left her long tresses.

About a year ago, my wife said, “Maybe we should cut your hair Harper?” I was strongly against. Let grows. Do not touch,

he said in an interview with Yahoo Style in 2015.

Да будет челка! Харпер Бекхэм сменила прическу

Yes, for a long time, Beckham has refused to cut Harper, could not persuade the wife to do it, even Victoria. However, last summer, David decided to make the first hair daughter himself, what is said in personal microblogging, posting pictures of the process.

Someone happy and someone not happy. I could not think that this babe might look even more beautiful, but…— signed then the Beckham.

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