“Let them talk” and “the best!” recognized as one of the most successful projects

«Пусть говорят» и «Лучше всех!» признаны одними из самых успешных проектов In the end, the television producers summed up the results of their work. One of the most popular programs were recognized as program of the First channel. The leaders had escaped the transfer of “Let them talk”, “the best!”, KVN and others.

      «Пусть говорят» и «Лучше всех!» признаны одними из самых успешных проектов

      At the end of the year, according to TNS become known for the most popular programs that have stirred a keen interest among viewers older than four years. Nine times leader hundreds of the most popular television programs among the Russians became the show “the Voice. Children”, eight of the victories of “the Voice”, information program “Time” and the talk show “Let them talk”. In the new television season appeared transfer Maxim Galkin “the best!”, which immediately found an echo in the hearts of the public. The top ten got just one series – the “C-2”, and the program showed the highest rating, was the anniversary edition of the WHC.

      In the last month, the program “the best!” was the head of all leaderboards with overwhelming numbers, only once losing to the anniversary issue of the WHC. Creative producer of the project “the best!” Ilya Krivitsky expressed his point of view on what it was able to captivate the audience, transfer Maxim Galkin.

      “The success of the show in its honesty and simplicity. Our team selects and invites cheerful, direct children. We are looking for guys who love doing their job and therefore achieving success. And most importantly, we don’t judge children, not grading, not talking about their shortcomings. Maxim Galkin have found the perfect intonation in the conversation with the kids, even the youngest. He never puts himself above them, tolerate any whims, he was not too lazy to stand in front of a little girl on his knees if it’s more convenient, he says with the characters in one language, so they are always relaxed and cheerful. In each program we see seven or eight children, and they are all very different. Perhaps this also is a success. The program looks bright and varied as a kaleidoscope,” said Krivitsky.

      Despite the fact that this year the leaders of the TV watching became the project “Voice. Children”, the producer does not match this type of program in the show “the best!”.

      “It is very important to understand that the “best!” not a talent contest. This program is about remarkable children. Not outstanding, but it is wonderful. “The best!” leading more talking with children, what validates their ability, there is no drama, just humor and good mood! Of course, the selection of children we take into account their peculiarities, and only in order to choose the most striking and the most different, unique. Often the emotion of the hero, his sense of humor, sociability played a crucial role in the decision”, – expressed his opinion the creative producer of the First channel.

      Popular talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” this year eight times and become the most popular program of the week. Despite the fact that the transmission in television for a long time, the audience is always interested in life stories, which tell the invited guests. However, this year in the Studio with Andrey Malakhov visited and world famous celebrities.

      “We had Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal, will soon be the issue with Robbie Williams. The fact that foreign stars, getting invitations in the esters of all possible programs and channels, chose us speaks to the fact that the managers of these stars also carefully study the ratings,” commented broadcaster and chief editor of the project “StarHit”.

      The TOP 10 most popular projects of the year among all Russians older than four years of eight lines of ten is given to the projects of the First channel. Except the CIF in the TOP 10 included: “Military parade” may 9 “news” program about talented children “the best!”, show “the Voice” and “Voice. Children”, the film “Love and pigeons” and series “C-2”. My colleagues “Russia-1” channel yielded only fifth and tenth place (project “Amazing people” and the final of “Eurovision”).