Lesya Kafelnikov: “What is wrong with my nose?!”

Леся Кафельникова: «Чем вам не угодил мой носик?!»

17-year-old model, daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, is tired of critics of her appearance and recorded a response video for those who are unhappy with its appearance.

The young daughter of a famous tennis player over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, and not all of them – her fans. It is no wonder that the girl barely puts a new post, it befalls a storm of criticism.

Too thin, nose not lips are too inflated… it Seems that 17-year-old girl was made fun of detractors. Tired of reading about yourself smack in his own microblog, Les recorded a response video to time to put in place anyone who dares to voice criticism in her address.

“I have a rhinoplasty nose! Why don’t you hit my nose?” – with an indifferent refers to the subscribers, the daughter of a tennis player.

“I also suffer from anorexia… And my height… I’m a dwarf!” continued the lady…


Video published A L E S Y A K A F (@alesyakaf) APR 8 2016 8:18 PDT

Meanwhile, the star father Lesya I am sure that the subscribers are to blame in excessive weight loss daughter.

“Last year, she weighed 52 kilograms and I was happy. She was so beautiful and finally became feminine. But what happened then? — shared his perspective on the problem Yevgeny Kafelnikov, writes the New York Post. I am against such drastic weight loss! Unfortunately, she doesn’t listen to me. Alessi 14-year-old subscribers in Instagram which have no brains, and they maintain her thinness. She should not listen to these idiots” (read more here).

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