Леся Кафельникова о булимии и наркотической зависимости в «Пусть говорят»

Lesya Kafelnikov and her mother Maria Tishkov visited the Studio of Andrey Malakhov became the heroines of the latest issue of “Let them talk. In the program it became clear how she lived the daughter of a famous tennis player, and who blames herself for her mistakes.

Леся Кафельникова о булимии и наркотической зависимости в «Пусть говорят»

19-year-old used drugs, suffered from anorexia and bulimia and even tried to commit suicide and as it turned out, this blames himself for her mother. “I think every parent, when there is such a situation, feels guilty. What happened is what happened. Let’s move on,” said Tishkov.

Maria admitted that the divorce of Kafelnikov in 2001, moved away for a very long time. “Unite simply didn’t work, because divorce was a surprise to me. Probably Eugene too. I think only he can say why it decided. For me it was: “Today you wife, and gone tomorrow”. I don’t even have time to understand why and for what,” she confessed.

Daughter was very worried about my parents arguing, which could not but affect her health. “Parents couldn’t get along, and I felt like a scapegoat. When they are together, it is nuclear war. It is hard for me, constantly having to adapt. I don’t know where the real me,” confessed Les.

She added that, despite the strong love of her father, they often had misunderstandings.

Леся Кафельникова о булимии и наркотической зависимости в «Пусть говорят»
“I wanted to let my dad see me bad and loved it. Perhaps it was a test in adolescence. Even when I was perfect, dad said that isn’t enough. He constantly compared me. He wanted a proper, well-mannered, smart, beautiful daughter. And I was wrong with some cockroaches in my head that he would not accept and live. So we have had conflicts. And I don’t want to promise anything to anyone,” she added.

A rich life is no good for the daughter of the tennis player has not ended. Les admitted that he first tried drugs at the age of 15 in London, where she lived and studied for several no.

“It was lonely, I didn’t know how to escape. I began to run away through use,” she said.

This problem has not ended and the Forest had to deal with anorexia and bulimia. With the growth of 176 centimeters, the daughter of tennis player weighed only 41 kg. “I wanted to be like the girl models. Thought I need to lose weight. It was the desire to be themselves, and someone. I wanted to be skinny, beautiful. Behind all this I lost myself. I had bulimia. I was even afraid to eat, thinking that weren’t thin enough. My hair began to fall, there was pigmentation on the body, to break your nails. And it seemed to me that I’m not skinny,” she said.

At the moment the model is still continuing his therapy and takes special medication. “I was “removed” from antidepressants. I felt bad, I cried and cried. Talked to the psychologist, but it got worse. In the moments when I cut myself harm, I’m not in control. I cut my hand. It was two days before my birthday. After that I put back on antidepressants, I still drink them,” said Lesya.

Helps Forest career and study, who devotes much time and dipped them in the head. “My parents suggested that I get a second education in the school “Ostankino”, where I spend a lot of time. Also learn stock trading. I record music, I have a small project. And, of course, a model’s career. But it is not ultimate, I guess. It’s more the dream of the series, as the girls want to be princesses. But I don’t think it will help me to survive. I’d also like to help people,” she concluded.