Lessons in parenting from Tatiana Navka

Уроки воспитания детей от Татьяны Навки The Olympic champion said “StarHit” about the success of Nadi, which from an early age leading an active lifestyle. According to Tatyana Navka, and her heiress to a lot of Hobbies, Girl plays music, draws, learns to read and goes to the gym.
Уроки воспитания детей от Татьяны Навки

Olympic champion itself is the most active way of life and children tries to load in the same mode. Recently the Pastor gave the youngest daughter, 3-year-old Hope, in a sports club. Under the guidance of coach girl plays with other guys.

“This school was recommended to me friends, – said Tatiana with “StarHit”. – Wish my daughter was taut, flexible. Nadia goes every day to swimming and gymnastics. I am convinced that the child is a child you need to instill a love of labor.”

When I have time, mom takes daughter, watching the training.

“Because of the tight schedule I do not get it as often as you wish – continues Tatiana. – So basically Nadia is accompanied by a nurse. And dad is watching the result – the daughter of the house demonstrates progress. Frankly, we don’t think about how to raise Olympic champion. Our goal is that Nadia was harmonious and happy, found myself. So from an early age directed and comprehensively developing. She in addition sports music, drawing, modeling, reading, languages. Daughter says: “When I become an adult, will be performing on stage.” But don’t specify what”.
Уроки воспитания детей от Татьяны Навки

Currently Tatiana is preparing for the premiere of ice show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, which will be held from 23 December to 7 January in Moscow DS “Megasport”. Hope, incidentally, has long been interested in figure skating.

Уроки воспитания детей от Татьяны Навки“Be sure to take the daughter on the runs, says the Pastor. – She is constantly training and she is too eager to get on the ice. Being very little, loved when I took her in my arms and rolled. Now Nadia she stands confidently on skates. But in the show as a member until her too early – let him grow up, then we’ll see.”

Recall that Nadya Peskova was born in August 2014. The girl was born in the suburbs. In the microblog Tatiana Navka appear regularly the publications devoted to the achievements of the child. So, the successor of the famous athletes have tried to skate under the guidance of famous moms. Fans of Tatiana noticed that Nadia is not afraid of ice. In addition, the daughter of the grooves is learning to ride horses.