Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!» The singer told “StarHit” like goes for sausages and refuses offers to do a selfie. 1 Feb Lev Leshchenko will celebrate 75-year anniversary. The artist shared their feelings associated with the approach of that date and revealed some secrets that make it still fresh and cheerful.

      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»

      With Lev Leshchenko, we met in his office in the capital. Artist, as always, is elegant: it simply blue suit.

      Lev Valerjanovich, you can buy clothes?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»I don’t love shopping, but my wife insists that we have periodically looked. Sometimes, we go past the boutique, she asks to stop the car. I protest: “Again, something to measure? Don’t want to…” And the Ira in response says, “So, Lev, take off your pants!” Has to obey you… Love to me is always something gives. Recently, I saw on some website a shirt embroidered with colourful flowers, and ordered. To shop on the Internet, by the way, cheaper than in the stores – is cheaper.—
      February 1, you will be 75 years old. On birthdays what gifts wife presents?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»Our family has taken delight in the gifts, regardless of the date. Although I will note in a big way. 25 years ago I celebrated the 50th anniversary in the concert hall “Russia” and introduced on the stage the tradition of celebrating birthdays on stage. Since then, don’t change yourself – this time will act in the Kremlin. Viewers will see a lot of rooms: Kolya Baskov sing “City of flowers” with Lil Wayne – “good-bye, Moscow!”, but Alexey Vorobyov will represent me in my youth. After the friends go to the restaurant “Metropol” – invited 250 people. Not cheap, considering I never take a sponsorship – pay for everything out of pocket. I know that now many stars for is free fed, clothed and even given cars, but I’m a different sort of person.—
      Despite the age, you have a great figure. How to take care of yourself?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»Sometimes on the treadmill, although I can’t stand her – better to walk around the house. Do not neglect physical exercise in the fresh air – for example, like clean snow. If we spend the night in Moscow flat, train on the carpet – pushups, squats, crunches. Try to limit yourself in food, do not eat too much sweet and fat. But do not eat after six it is impossible – sometimes so earned that till the evening do not have time to eat and have the house at night to eat. Sometimes, fresh bread you want, what you offer to the wife – let’s bake! She manages the process, I help, can, for example, to break the egg. I like to eat. Recently I went with Irina on Komsomolsky Avenue, and I remembered that in one store they sell amazing sausages. Tell the driver: “Stop the car!” Went and bought.—
      Lev Leshchenko himself for the sausages go?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»It happens. If you stay in the apartment, I go to a store nearby to buy on the morning of the cheese and yogurt. The sellers know that if come Leshchenko, it is necessary to open stands with an expensive cognac. Buy several bottles for gifts to friends.
      And they themselves eat?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»The last three years, drink the brandy slightly diluted with water. I read about this method in the novel by Francoise Sagan “a Little sun in cold water”. Tried it and liked it. The buzz from the brandy is the same, but the fortress is less. I can afford 50-100 grams for the evening.
      Except with spirits, how else do you relax?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»With youth like the sea at the first opportunity go. In the summer of last year, vacationing in Greece, I spent a lot of time in the water and in one of the heats lost the ring of Cartier is a friend of the family Araz Agalarov gave us with Irina a couple of rings on their wedding anniversary. Began with his wife to look ninerals to stupor and, fortunately, found.
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»
      By the way, about the anniversary. This year you Irina Pavlovna said 40-year anniversary of Dating. What, in your opinion, the secret to a happy family life?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»It is necessary to correctly treat each other. I can’t stand swearing, never raise your voice. If a couple starts to fight, but also with the use of obscenity, is all end. Today it is fashionable to sort things out in public, walking with their problems on the transmission… Probably because people want to be famous, if other talent there. Saw one girl on TV, I asked my friend who she is host, model, actress? And he told me – she medialize. It’s now a whole genre… I’m such publicity do not understand. Not love, as they say, “light”, I hate these selfies. But when you ask me to take a picture, do not deny, especially if it happens after a concert – that’s my viewers want a frame memory. Here only in winter to do not like cold outside to pose. If you insist, say: “Come in summer!”—
      When you are occupied with friends to meet in time?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»Sure! I have a friend on sports such as Glory Dobrynin. We both cheer for the Dynamo, from time to time going to some bar to watch football. Comrades in art is Vova Vinokur, Igor Krutoy, with them for 40 years we spend holidays together, often families. There are friends in business, those with whom I’m in the timber business.—
      You have a nephew Andrei and niece Valerie – frequently communicate with them?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»My sister’s daughter Wali Lera 28 years. She is the Director of a large company for the production of chocolate. Andrew, son of the second sister Julia, 52 years old, he is a good economist together with me, runs a business, manages our “Vladimir timber processing plant”. He has a daughter Masha, which, in turn, has two daughters – 4-year-old Kira and 7-year-old World. We see each other on holidays – they come and tell you how was school, kindergarten. It is a pity that it is not common – when my dad was alive, the family gatherings were held almost every month. But I try to help whenever possible – who will arrange this money on the car add…—
      Regret no children?
      Лещенко: «Жена командует: «Лева, снимай брюки!»You know, I will never obsess. In any case, this fact does not prevent me to feel happy – and this is important.