Лещенко затаил обиду на Галкина During the broadcast of the program “Tonight” Lev Leshchenko directly to Maxim Galkin expressed their dissatisfaction about the fact that her husband Pugacheva again and again is a parody of the famous singer.
Лещенко затаил обиду на Галкина

Popular people often hurt each other. But the claim is mainly expressed in the eye in social networks, for example. But sometimes insulted out loud and talking about their dissatisfaction with the interlocutor personally and with witnesses. It happened in the programme “Tonight” (First channel), which was devoted to the work of Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolay Dobronravov.

In the Studio, gathered friends and colleagues of the legendary creative couple, came people’s artist of Russia Lev Leshchenko. He sang a song, told some stories, was, as always, smiling and friendly. Presenter, actor, comedian Maxim Galkin to the old habit of talking with voice Leshchenko Leshchenko, is it parodying. Lev Leschenko has suddenly became serious and, looking Maxim in the eyes, said:

Лещенко затаил обиду на Галкина“If I knew you were going to parody, I wouldn’t be here!”

Galkin listened to Leshchenko, embarrassed smile. And Lev Leschenko has continued: “Because bear in mind, I have scenici in GITIS was present five. This is for you in spite”. And then said with incredible speed patter “was Lara…”. And called Galkina to a duel – “can you do it?!”

Maxim joked once and said: “You just humiliated me, Lev Valerjanovich!”. In the Studio supported the words Galkina laughter, and Leshchenko did not react to the remark of the leader, and continued to speak flattering words to the main characters of the program.