Лера Массква вышла на связь после страшного пожара
The singer with her husband out of the ICU.

The burned-down apartment Lera of Masskvy

Photo: Social Networks

On the night of 11 December apartment fire nearly claimed the lives of singer Lera of Masskvy, her husband and little son Platon. The singer and her family with extensive burns was hospitalized in the emergency research Institute. Sklifosofskiy. In the intensive care unit Valerie spent several days and only yesterday got in touch with friends and told about his condition.

The Masskva reported that is recovering, as her husband. And the son of actress and is already discharged from the hospital and now lives with his grandmother. However, the apartment Valeria’s “lucky” is much smaller. Housing singer was burnt almost to the ground. Untouched by fire were only part of the bedroom. All things, including documents, burned in the fire.

To the rescue ler left without a roof over your head, it’s a large number of friends, for which she thanked them. “Everyone is asking what we need and where to send the money. I, unfortunately, can not imagine the scale of the disaster and recently started to come to terms with the new reality. From the apartment, as I explained, was a piece of bedroom and wardrobe in the nursery. Living room and kitchen burned down completely. How and why this happened, we don’t know… — said Lera. — We live temporarily there where some things we have collected from friends. All ask a lot of questions and I understand that it is out of love and care and want to support us, but to be honest, I don’t really have any answers. I don’t know what we need, I don’t know what will happen next and how to approach this. Every morning I Wake up and I think that this is all a dream…”