Lera Kudryavtseva was left without land

Лера Кудрявцева осталась без земельного участка The presenter lost in court. Lera Kudryavtseva over two years arguing with a neighbor over square metres of land. Last year, the celebrity has won a case, but then the man had hired another lawyer who turned again to the servants of Themis.

      Three years ago, a popular TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and her husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, bought a gorgeous house in the suburbs. Despite the fact that the house is not in need of repair and there were all conditions for living, the couple was in no hurry to move. Kudryavtseva and Makarov could only procure some furniture and decorate the room to your taste. However, with a neighbor of star couple is not lucky – it turned out that the man was considered part of their area of their property. Despite the fact that Lera and Igor went to court and even won the case, the opponent has not accepted the decision.

      “This is a very rich neighbor hired another lawyer, and now have won in court, he. And took the land back. That’s the story. And we with Igor on this thing spat,” – said Kudryavtsev.

      The TV presenter believes that a few dozen square meters of land is not worth her nerves, time and effort. She left the fight and resigned to the court’s decision, which parted with a piece of property. Lera came to the conclusion that some rich people can be overly greedy. The history of the dispute over the site began a few years ago, when the couple only acquired the property.

      “It happened under the previous owner. The neighbor, a very rich man, decided that you can pick up the American a few dozen square meters of land. Apparently, he hoped that the alien wouldn’t sue, remembered Leroy. – And my husband and I began. We did ask nicely, then he offered to buy the territory. I refused”.

      Now the TV presenter is enjoying life outside the city. She was glad she could be away from the constant traffic, noise and polluted air. Kudryavtseva happy relaxing away from the metropolis. TV presenter, even decided to take up gardening. She grows vegetables and fruits in their own garden.

      Lera Kudryavtseva: “Always the first to apologize to her husband”

      “I have a greenhouse: grow cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers. In the beds of planted flowers and greens. A greenhouse helps me managed assistant. I’m an inexperienced gardener, but in the future I hope to understand all the intricacies of this case,” admitted Kudryavtsev in an interview with “TV”.