Lera Kudryavtseva turned to psychics to find a family member

Лера Кудрявцева обратилась к экстрасенсам, чтобы найти члена семьи

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva that day in a row can not find a place for himself, forget about all matters and even work, because worried about home your four-legged pet cat Fofo. “Scot” has escaped and has decided not to return.

A report about how the search Fofy, Kudryavtseva shares with his subscribers in the Network. Kudryavtseva admits that has been tried all methods to search for the cat, the family even turned to friends to psychics: “Guys , the ads plastered around the village , the neighbors all know , because we have private homes , the problem is to go into someone else’s territory , but we lifted to the ears of all and go, go, look , name , night walked through the forest , the food poured in many places , like calling saw a similar Tofu , we race and spend time to catch someone else’s cat , all day today we spent it 😰was not ours :((( not our at 6 am and our evening mentally and physically exhausted of course :((( I asked all of their psychics — everyone has their own version 🙈 and every version is still running , look , type , name . 😰😰😰 now written another version — my husband jumped in the night and went back to look exhausted 😭😭😭Arms and legs off , in short it is a horror 😭Never thought that the loss of kitty would overshadow all the deeds , work, and other responsibilities:(((( think about anything can not . But we hope 🙏🏽 thank you all so much for participating !!!! People we may not “love” , but their Pets like everything ! ❤❤❤”, — said in the emotional post of the presenter.

A fan of Lera trying to support her and hope that her beloved cat still remember about the family and will be back.