Лера Кудрявцева показала стройную фигуру в бикини Fans of the TV presenter is delighted with her excellent form, which showed the star during a holiday in the Emirates. According to fans Kudryavtseva, she could envy any girl.

      Лера Кудрявцева показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      45-year-old TV presenter and actress Lera Kudryavtseva went on holiday to Dubai. She was staying in a luxury hotel, located near the famous hotel-sail, which is so often photographed guests of the UAE from abroad. Happy Valerie spends a lot of time on the well-kept beaches in the country — she was sunbathing under the bright sun and bathed in the clear water of emerald color.

      Like many celebrities, Kudryavtseva is sharing with fans their “vacation” photos in social networks. One of them is the leading imprinted in turquoise bikini with a beach pareo, coquettishly tied on the hips.

      Subscribers stars admired her perfect form and wished her a pleasant stay. “Cool swimsuit”, “Very beautiful”, “How do you manage to maintain such a figure? Not every young girl can boast of such a silhouette”, “Elegant female”, “Ondine, the sea nymph”, “looks Great”, “just like a chick, not change,” he wrote to fans Lera in the comments to her picture.

      Лера Кудрявцева показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      In addition, Kudryavtseva, like most girls and women, decided to relax on vacation and allowed myself to have dessert. “Sorry, no fat smiley,” said the star, tasting ice cream. And for Breakfast Lera ordered a huge portion of scrambled eggs, pancakes, cheese, fresh tomatoes and local delicacies. “Do not listen to anybody, eat, because you only live once”, “How nasty”, “This is our way”, “good Breakfast”, “Well” — approved menu, leading her fans.

      The stars boasted the slender figures on the rest

      In his interview with Lera Kudryavtseva admitted that she starves diets and not spends day at the gym. She manages to look gorgeous because of genetics, the nature of her slim and lightweight bone. In childhood and adolescence have been Kudryavtseva serious exercise — figure skating and choreography. According to celebrity, she is now quite a bit to warm up, and she’s back in form. Therefore, she advises to exercise as early as possible.

      Strongly recovered Lera only during pregnancy, then she gained about 18 pounds. To lose weight, the recognition of leading, she did it naturally. After birth Kudryavtseva lot of time fiddling with the baby, my husband cooked and did other household chores. As a result of such intense activity the star lost weight gradually and imperceptibly.

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