Лера Кудрявцева заявила подписчикам, что многие из них в опасности
It seems that talented TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva not stand the nerves.

47-year-old Kudryavtseva just can not bear to look at how often people leave bad comments about public people, thus not being a model.

“I went to the pages their colleagues , how is a lot of negativity in the comments . All dispense Advice , learn to live, humiliate, insult :((( You !!!! You who wrote-of course the most ideal , you have the best and right Life , of course you are flawless and of course very happy . When you feel the impulse to condemn a person stop for a second and take a breath .At this point it is important to realize – you’re in danger.”

indignantly wrote Kudryavtseva in Instagram.

“Right Lera you’re talking about. The negativity of the person pouring without stopping it immediately clear that there is not so good, and now actually, I noticed so many very angry and negative people are envious. Is it simply impossible to live and be happy even for others! When I look, even when people are well, they dress up, go to restaurants, fly to relax, I look, and my heart is glad, and think about nothing now I’ll save up and I also will fly there! I wish you all love, most importantly love your neighbor and be loved, and then the soul will be warm and good. I’m sorry if there are errors and did not put punctuation marks, two small children interfere grabs the phone. Lera madly in love may God give your family health and all the best you deserve this happiness”

– positive mother writes under the nickname @zelenkocherkashina.

And there is nothing to add : )

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