Lera Kudryavtseva made the door

У Леры Кудрявцевой вынесли дверь
In the room at the presenter entered the unknown.

У Леры Кудрявцевой вынесли дверь

Lera Kudryavtseva, together with her husband, hockey player Igor
Makarov, now resting in Dubai. One day, while they bathed and
sunbathing, in the room of their hotel entered the unknown and made a door.

About it
the TV presenter said in his microblog: “Strange one glass door in
shower and tub, embarrassed, because he was alone, and moved to the side of the soul
in the side of the tub. Well, okay. Come yesterday after the beach in the room. Door
no! I am ashamed to think, my eyesight is something after the sun (well
you never know, not 16). Call her husband, saying, look. Door no!”. What happened to the door, and
why was it not, is not clear. Now every time we each other ask: “Well
what the door?”.

This question, the presenter tried to find out at the reception, but
received no reply — there why anyone would want the door out of the room Kudryavtseva
and Makarov, nobody knows. But the personal belongings of the couple is unknown not touched, all
remained in their places. Inherent in ler humor, she shared that now she
it is necessary to wash the eyes of the astonished audience.