Лера Кудрявцева родит за границей Last week, the presenter noted 47th birthday. The main gift Lera Kudryavtseva made herself: she’s the second time become a mother.
Лера Кудрявцева родит за границей

Kudryavtseva, which has repeatedly been attributed to an interesting situation, now literally shines. Recently, fans noticed the star rounded belly. Moreover, it often appears in public in loose clothing. However, Kudryavtsev in five years of marriage to hockey player Igor Makarov so many times congratulated with the completion of that some thought that it just got better…

“Leroy is pregnant – said, “StarHit” surrounded by TV stars. – At the moment it decides where to give birth. Most likely, it will not happen in Russia. Deadline: late summer – early autumn. It is already hard to hide the stomach, even under the hoodie.”

According to some leading to choose between Europe and America. In Los Angeles is a prestigious medical center “cedars-Sinai” among his clients – both Hollywood and Russian celebrities. There were born children Julia and Svetlana Khorkina. Services in this clinic are from 1 million rubles. Despite the interesting position, Lera continues to lead an active lifestyle. Recently Kudryavtseva laid out in Instagram photo from Italy, where he flew together with her husband. In Rome, the parents walked a lot, met with friends and went to a football match at the famous Stadio Olimpico.

We will remind that Igor Makarov, the baby will be born first. But She already has a grown son – 28-year-old Jean. Moreover, young people will soon be happy with her famous mother and grandmother. A surprising number: the grandson and the child Lera are the same age.

It is known that the lover of Jean Anastasia is in the last months of pregnancy. The couple is expecting a son. By the way, the guy works on the same channel, and Kudryavtseva, Lera helped the offspring with employment.