Лера Кудрявцева простила Катю Семенову за ложь The actress thanked fans for their support and noted that it was easier for her after she told the whole truth. Besides Semenova admitted that the show Kudryavtseva said not all.

Earlier this week the star of the ‘ 80s Katya Semenova took part in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.» She told about how she divorced her husband and remembered the last years of his life with Michael in marriage. The singer admitted that he feared for his life, as he thought that her husband will do anything to possess her property. After the divorce, Semenov gave him the cottage, he left her alone.

Katya Semenova about the divorce with her husband: “I copied everything on it, I don’t want»

Fans of the stars started to write words of support on her page in the social network. However, there were those who reproached Semenov that the program Lera Kudryavtseva in which she participated last year, she was not sincere.

“I’m in front of Leroy already apologized,” he told the star.

In turn, the host of the TV program “million dollar Secret” left a comment, which supported the singer. “There’s such sincerity, talent, you’re so real. Love you,” wrote Kudryavtseva.

Recall that in that program it was more about the first husband Semenova, Andrei Baturin, which forbade the artist to see his son. Basically, a child was engaged grandmother. About the relationship with Michael, Katya did not apply, although it is obvious that the problems between them began long ago. The husband cheated on the star within a few years.

“I called this woman, told that I was just in shock. I developed reactive depression on the basis of feelings, but the marriage still was trying to save. The petition for divorce was filed then, but the process was suspended. I was hoping, but now intends to forgive. A man can not accidentally change two years. And it’s been two years,” said Kate.

According to Semenova, the husband paid money mistress and secretly met with her at the cottage. So, as suggested by the artist, Michael spent the New year, although he lied that he was single. Katya’s condition worsened because of nervous feelings.

“While I was sedated, he for no reason I suddenly Natasha began to call and began to understand that I am very sick, and constantly in tears provoked. I am in my life so didn’t cry much this year. And take on the insistent advice of Misha’s some drops, and then lay in a complete stupor, even can not speak, work only eyes. A friend (she’s a doctor), somehow finding me in this condition, almost shouting: “Misha, this is a very dangerous story! The breath can stop in any second!”And he, for some strange reason, never called an ambulance. Just came and watched and went into the kitchen,” said the artist.