Lera Kudryavtseva discovered a hereditary disease

У Леры Кудрявцевой обнаружили наследственное заболевание The media personality became to closely monitor their health. Lera Kudryavtseva did a genetic blood test. Now she knows what vitamins are the most effective and which products will be useful to it.

      TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva always took good care of their health. However, after a genetic blood test she found out that had passed her by inheritance from ancestors.

      “Recently, met interesting professionals, and they offered to go through the unusual procedure of genetic analysis of blood, – said Lera. Agreed, and passed here the other day got the results. Now I know not only their roots are European, by the way, but the predisposition to disease. Thought, why I have constant headaches? It turns out, went to “a reward” from past generations – the doctors discovered a tendency to severe migraines. Also, through the tests found out what the most effective vitamins I take, which products are the most useful. Husband Igor, of course, laugh at my hobby, but when I returned from the clinic, began to ask what I have as a Yes. Maybe in the future will be decided on such a procedure. For genetics, I believe the future”.

      Lera always have a positive attitude and tries to look at everything with optimism. She realizes that after small troubles happiness is valued more.

      “When I feel bad, begin to sort through in my head different situations, understanding that many are worse – said Kudryavtsev “StarHit”. In Africa children are starving, someone living on the street… I imagine all of this and trying not to limp, not to relax. In addition, try to always find something positive: here is the fire – I’m so glad no one was hurt, and a reason to make repairs. Often, thinking hard about a problem, you just say, “Lord, thank you for everything I have! I’ll do it!”

      Kudryavtseva now enjoys family life with her husband Igor Makarov. Despite more than three years of marriage, they try to maintain romanticheskie relationship.

      “Both are constantly on the move, we have every meeting after parting – turbulent emotions and happiness. Candles and stuff not about me. Go to restaurants, dinner at home, somehow it all calmly, as a family. Bring him gifts from different countries, I – jewelry, watches, new items of equipment. Loved ones should be spoiled,” – said Lera.