Lera Kudryavtseva congratulated the husband on the 30th anniversary with a passionate kiss

Лера Кудрявцева поздравила мужа с 30-летием страстным поцелуем
Igor Makarov today celebrates the anniversary.

Лера Кудрявцева поздравила мужа с 30-летием страстным поцелуем

Photo: Instagram

Hockey player Igor Makarov now lives and trains in Ufa, so his 30th birthday celebrated in the company of teammates, their girlfriends and of course beloved wife. Lera Kudryavtseva came to her husband on the eve of the birthday. She asked the Director not to appoint her to these days of shooting and corporate events, to enjoy communication with your loved.

To celebrate the anniversary of Igor cheerful company began at midnight on 19 September has just begun. However, drinking this evening only girls. Athletes during the camp is strictly prohibited. Therefore, they clinked glasses to the health of the birthday boy a glass of water.

In the early morning Leroy congratulated Igor again touching posts in a personal blog.

“Happy birthday, dear! — she wrote. — You’re my Protection you’re my friend, you are my husband and my love! May all your dreams come true! Be happy always!”

Photo: Instagram

Also the star published a photo of a passionate kiss on the background of balloons with the number “30”. So if someone still had doubts that the couple are not fighting and are not going to divorce, at this point, they should dissipate.

We will remind, not so long ago in the Network there were reports that the star family is not going smoothly. Speculation began to arise after Leroy for a couple of months visited her husband in Ufa. Such a break could be attributed to the sheer workload at work. But even when she had free time, she predpologaet to relax on the beach with my mom and girlfriend.

Because of this real scandal: someone put in a Network “the duck” about the betrayal of Igor, and the information that Valerie supposedly know all this, began to spread with the speed of light. Soon she had to make a rebuttal. However, even after that, many had doubts that Kudryavtseva is not diluted with Makarov. Now fans can breathe easy: the family of the presenter, according to published staff, do of harmony and love.

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