Lera Kudryavtseva appealed for help to psychics

Лера Кудрявцева обратилась за помощью к экстрасенсам The master continues the search for a missing cat. Pretty Fofana ran away from home Lera Kudryavtseva few days ago. Troubled TV presenter can’t find a place from experience. She can’t stop thinking about the missing pet.

      Last week, Lera Kudryavtseva told fans the sad news. Lost a favorite pet of celebrities, Scottish fold cat named Fofana, which has its own page in Instagram. According to the latest data, Lera never found a pet. Concerned leading doing all you can, for a charming pet. Fans Kudryavtseva sincerely sympathize with her and write encouraging comments. Fans Lera believe that she will manage to find Tofu, ran away from home a few days ago.

      Lera Kudryavtseva concerned about the fate of your beloved cat

      “Guys, the ads plastered around the village, all the neighbors know. Since we have private homes, it is problematic to go into someone else’s territory, but we raise all on my ears and walking around, looking name. Night walked through the forest, poured food in many places. I called, they say, saw a similar Tofu, we race and spend time to catch another kitty, today is “killed” it, was not ours. Not our at six in the morning and our night, mentally and physically, of course, exhausted. Asked all of their psychics – everyone has their own version, and still running , look, type, name”, – shared the leading.

      Husband of Lera in all its supports and is the company while searching for a pet. TV presenter admits that already feels worn out. Despite the fatigue, the star and her choice is not going to give up. “I wrote another version – my husband jumped in the night and went back to look exhausted. The arms and legs off, in short, it’s terrible. I never thought that the loss of kitty would overshadow all things, work and other responsibilities. Think about anything can not. But we hope. Thank you all for the great participation,” thanked the fans of the celebrity.

      Users of social networks supported the lead and told her to tune in to win. “We”, “Vovochka, baby, come back”, “what a Pity… He will be found”, “At the friend’s missing cat, looking for a week. In the end I saw him sitting under the roof,” “Believe, hope and wait”, “My pet is found a month later, suffered, of course, but it’s not for nothing”, “Spring! Walk up and back”, “Poor animal, probably wandering”, “Understand your feelings”, “good Luck,” was discussed by the subscribers of the TV stars.

      We will add that charming Fofana came to light in November 2014. “My parents were from “Bohemia” education was good. Smart, affectionate, clean,” written in the microblog of the animal.