Lera Kudryavtsev annoying behavior son

Леру Кудрявцеву напрягает поведение сына The heir to the leading in search of itself, and is not going while to marry his beloved. Lera Kudryavtseva has frankly told about the life of her adult son, and what she was like herself at that age.

      Леру Кудрявцеву напрягает поведение сына

      Lera Kudryavtseva not hide – all she ever wanted, came true. The star has a well-paid job, cozy house, beloved husband and adult son. However, maternal heart celebrity still in the wrong place. TV presenter admits that she’s worried about the lifestyle of the son.

      Lera is no pressure on the 26-year-old Jean, who appeared in the marriage of c leading musician of group “Tender may” Sergey Lenycom. She allows a young man to do what he really would be interesting. But the youth still cannot find work for everyone. He often changes his work. And in the personal life of Jean though, and all went smoothly, however, no certainty there.

      “Son Jean calls every day, visits as guests – we live side by side. I am aware of everything that happens in his life. Lives with a girl, all happy. What are you doing? As the son, finding himself. Me is, frankly, a bit annoying. 26. I’m at that age myself an apartment in Moscow bought. Even a little early. But what can I do? Generation is now completely different. Jean’s all there. Mom bought him an apartment, a car helps. He complains: “I Have no incentive,” says Leroy.

      At the time Valerie specifically purchased the property for his son next to his apartment, because he and Jean are very friendly. The star was difficult to let the heir into adulthood. However, she, like any mother, understands that it is impossible to keep a grown-up child himself near infinite, so Kudryavtseva gave him a complete freedom of action.

      “We can’t say that doesn’t work, but a permanent place him there, get settled somewhere, and after some time throws, once something is arranged. Well, let him seek. I have a mathematician with a businessman’s acumen. My sister Oksana tells him a lot, together, solve some issues, I do not climb. Creative touch he has brought some recently the DJ for the club, even good money on it. But I told him: “you shouldn’t waste time. Do serious things”. Marry Jean is not going to. Although I do not mind. But he understands that he needs to support his family, and for this we need to stand up. So live long and live,” the star admits in an interview with Woman’s day.