Lera Kozlova spoke about the return of the group “Ranetki”

Лера Козлова заговорила о возвращении в группу «Ранетки» The artist admitted that he still does not communicate with some members of the team. Not long ago, the girl recorded a new song familiar to many fans of the style. Lera Kozlova said that it had not received an offer to resume work at once popular, collective.
Лера Козлова заговорила о возвращении в группу «Ранетки»

In the mid-2000s youth group “Ranetki” was at the peak of popularity. Five participants – Lera Kozlova, Zhenya Ogurtsova, Lena Tretyakova, Natalia Shelkova, Anya Rudneva was literally idols of youth. For a half years was in the same series, in which the girls starred. The band has performed at huge concert venues – twice they collected “Luzhniki” and “Olympic”. “Ranetki” 10 years later: a failed marriage, illness and techniques of psychics

Gradually, their glory disappeared in 2013 “Ranetki” gave the final concert. However, in early November, Rudnev and Shchelkovo that after marriage is the name of Melnichenko, presented a new song. So they told the fans about the return of the popular group.

Lera Kozlova admitted that they had heard about the reunion but have not yet received offers to return to the team. According to the singer, she and other members had a conflict, so she doubts the likely revival of the group.

“That’s not true, I don’t know who these rumors started. We have a collective group of “Ranetki” was divided into two parts: Anja and Natasha and the girls. Question, to reunite is not. The girls Anya and Natasha, do not communicate. A lot of things during the work in the team was, we just understand that different people. And do not want anything to continue to do together,” – said Kozlov.

In 2008 Lera left the band, its place was taken by Nuta Baidavletov. Now each of the participants engaged in solo career, however, all remember with pleasure the time when they were part of the “Ranetok.” Singer Nota: “Father threatened and extorted money”

For several years, Kozlov was a soloist with “5sta Family”, but she recently left the band, but she has not yet received proposals to return to an all-girls team.

“We had not been asked. Now, they posted a video that recorded a new song, the group “Ranetki”, and really looking forward to the girls, but calls us personally not received any,” admitted Leroy.

The actress said in a video interview “Point Nад And” that some fans have been waiting for their reunion. However, others do not believe in the new wave of success.