Леонид Закошанский переходит на телеканал «Россия 1» The new season starts with change. Now Leonid Zakoshansky is preparing a show that will feature not on NTV, where he worked for more than 10 years, and on “Russia 1”. Presumably, the format of the programme involves interviews with celebrities.
Леонид Закошанский переходит на телеканал «Россия 1»

For six years, from 2011 to 2017-th year, Leonid Zakoshansky every weekday broadcast of the TV channel NTV as part of a talk show “Talk show”. Now, after a short break, the presenter may appear on the screen, however, under very different programs and even different channel. As it became known, now Zakoshansky is going to present to the audience under the working title “let’s Go!” which will go on “Russia 1”. On the idea of the show will emerge in the form of interviews with famous people.

However, the press service of the TV channel refused to comment on the “StarHit” for this reason, as well as the Leonid, which is the answer to the question just hung up.

Леонид Закошанский переходит на телеканал «Россия 1»

When last year the program Zakoshansky closed, he took it as an incentive to achieve new heights and grow in the profession. He had the ability to create new projects, which, he, in all probability, have used.

“More than five years with the program “Talk show” is a tremendous and interesting experience for me. But it’s time to move on, to evolve and create something new. Therefore, together with the company’s administration, we have decided that I am going to focus on other projects, which I hope will also resonate with our viewers,” explained the presenter.

A year without the talk show “Talk show” in the life of Leonid there have been dramatic changes. Last August he first became a father. The boy named Leo. Now the broadcaster is trying to spend more time with family.

Summer – a time of change on television. Last year on the TV channel “Russia 1” has moved host and chief editor of the “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. Now he is happy that he got more opportunities to implement their ideas. Andrey Malakhov: “I like the national team of Russia on football. Evil attacks me, only tone. We again first!”

Timur Kizyakov just change the name of the program and is now “the one” on the main channel of RTR.

As have informed RBC in the state of NTV Zakoshansky is not listed since closing “Talk show”, but nevertheless there is his program “people” are still published.