Leonid Zakoshansky broke the silence after the closing of the “Talk show”

Леонид Закошанский нарушил молчание после закрытия «Говорим и показываем» The presenter made a statement in the social network. Leonid Zakoshansky encouraged by the audience. He shared with his fans plans for the near future, and while the man’s having a great vacation, so on the bike.

In mid-April, talk-show “Talk show” has ceased to exist. Fans of the program were shocked by the news of the closure of the project. Followers to the last hoped that information would soon be refuted, but the host confirmed this fact. Now Leonid Zakoshansky encouraged by the audience and announced that he was preparing a surprise for them – in the new season they will see him in other programs. He believes that it is time to take the next step in his career.

“My dear friends! According to numerous requests answer to the main question. Yes, the program “Talk show” will be no more. It’s time to move on. In the new season you will be able to see my new projects. Right now I’m traveling on a motorcycle and remotely working on it. Thanks to all of you who care and are interested in. I am genuinely very pleased” – appealed to fans Zakoshansky.

Netizens were happy that they will be able to see the lead in the new television season in autumn. Members wished him success in other projects, however, regretted that “Talk show” stopped to be aired. “Sad, really liked your show”, “Leonid, very sorry that your program will not be! She really liked us. Have a great holiday!”, “Good luck! New projects will only be better and more interesting I’m sure!” – supported the followers.

Zakoshansky himself does not grieve, but breaches of the highway on a motorcycle. He decided to relax and went on a journey with your buddies. The TV host decided to devote the vacation hobby.

Despite the fact that Leonid quite a while led the talk shows, he does not regret the transfer is completed. He is grateful to destiny that gained invaluable skills in such a format. “More than five years with the program “Talk show” is a tremendous and interesting experience for me. But it’s time to move on, to evolve and create something new. Therefore, together with the company’s administration, we have decided that I am going to focus on other projects, which I hope will also resonate with our audience,” – said Zakoshansky.