Leonid Yarmolnik was betrayed by the closest person

Леонида Ярмольника предал близкий человек
The actor spoke about his attitude to change.

Leonid Yarmolnik

Photo: freeze-frame of the show “Alone with all”

Leonid Yarmolnik the Studio Yulia Menshovoj in the program “Alone with all”. The actor admitted in an interview with the presenter that in my life I experienced a serious betrayal by a close friend and colleague. To disclose the identity received from him despicable man, Leonid did not, in particular due to the fact that he is no longer alive.Over the years, according to Yarmolnik, he found the strength to cope with the resentment and to justify the actions of the betrayed friend.

“Treason is when you betray the closest. If I betray some fool or casual acquaintance, nothing. I’m talking about betrayal when you’re with a person life, living and 99% know how this person will react and what he would do: what is possible and what is impossible. And if it does not coincide with what you imagined, it’s a disaster… I had it… The amazing thing is that after many years I found this some excuse. It’s not have saved our friendship, but the justification found in the fact that this man is a weakling and the life he was forced to betray me…” — said Leonid. According to the artist this situation has affected the subject related to his profession.

Incidentally, when talking about betrayal in my personal life Yarmolnik was not so categorical. “Maybe it’s going to sound vulgar, but I can say that all accidents will be forgiven. I think so. But if it’s something more, then naturally it is necessary to behave honestly!” — told Leonid.