Leonid Yarmolnik said that Elena Malysheva “crazy”

Леонид Ярмольник заявил, что Елена Малышева «сошла с ума»
The actor is trying to justify a TV presenter.

Leonid Yarmolnik

Photo: Mark Steinbock

The scandal with Elena Malysheva, who called the shooting of aggressive stray dogs, continues to gain momentum. On the eve of Leonid Yarmolnik gave his assessment of all the above, the presenter in the First channel. The actor tried to find an excuse Malysheva. He put forward the theory that viewers would be too. Yarmolnik hopes that Malyshev will make a retraction. If this does not happen, the artist would take Elena “abnormal” person.

“I think she must have gone mad. We know it for many years, terribly sorry that such a prestigious and beloved TV host said such a terrible thing. I think she should, I think, to refute his statement, or to explain what she had in mind, because it’s actually horror. She does not like. This incredible folly. Maybe she got carried away, I don’t know — quotes Yarmolnik NSN. — She’s a professional who knows how to do their job, but if she will insist on his words, it’s awful. Today it is against morality and against the morality of normal society and normal people!”

Recall that earlier in the Network has created a petition to the Prosecutor’s office to prosecute Malysheva. Animal advocates insist that the presenter should at least be fired from the First channel for the incident a scandal. Yarmolnik said that sign the petition will not be until then until I get from Elena’s comment. Malyshev by the way, recently commented on rising hype. She spent several days in the city of Kemerovo, where there was a terrible tragedy, and told reporters the following: “If you don’t think about anything, then do this. I think in a country where fire killed 41 children, it’s time to protect dogs that killed a young man.”