Леонид Якубович открыл правду про «Поле чудес»
The presenter was unexpectedly criticized the program.

Leonid Yakubovich

Photo: still capital-show “Field of miracles”

Leonid Yakubovich, apparently tired of his “signature” show. Presenter unexpectedly for the audience commented negatively on the “Field of dreams”. Suddenly viewers he ridiculed the idea of the program. From his point of view, the project format has long been outdated.

“The XXI century in the yard. Nine adults with education seriously in the eyes of the whole country, by letters guess the word. It’s a diagnosis!” — said Yakubovich in the show Tonight. In addition, the host of “Field of dreams” he laughed at the fact that in the Studio sometimes get people who have no knowledge. For example, once the participants confessed that she had not read Mikhail Bulgakov. Moreover, they do not even heard of “the Master and Margarita”. “What could I ask them? What was the name of Margarita? More about. I rarely fall into a stupor, but then confused no joke”, he added.

“Field of dreams” comes out on blue screens for almost 30 years. The idea of the program belongs to Vlad Listeva and Anatoly Lysenko. Less than a year after the airing, the Studio came Yakubovich, who became the “face” of the popular TV quiz show. Now in its place is difficult to imagine someone else. Curiously, the “Field of dreams” remains one of the rating programs of the Central television.