Леонид Якубович рассказал, как похудел на 24 килограмма
The broadcaster admitted that it had saved his life.

Leonid Yakubovich


Leonid Yakubovich told that just a few years ago due to the extra weight he had to endure heart surgery. In the program Yuriy Nikolaev “Honestly” on the First channel, where the guest became the host, he admitted that with the weight of 102 kg every movement was hard on him.

“I was raised on two steps and was already wet — says the 72-year-old actor. To lose weight more than twenty kilos and gain good physical shape helped him a daughter Varvara. “Three years ago, Cooking was involved in tennis. I brought it to court, but to this day Cooking to engage my mind. And then the coach asked me do you want to try?” — says Leonid Arkadievich. — Twenty minutes I waved the racket, and then I carried her to the bench where I have two hours to be poured out later.”

He believes that tennis saved his life. However, while he mastered the technique of owning a racket, a lot has happened, as it is called Yakubovich, “adventures”. “I kicked his knee and thigh, I had “tennis elbow” I got hit with a football in the eye, I had surgery (laughs). But now are” — summed up the presenter.