Леонид Якубович признался, что не живет с женой The permanent host of the legendary “Field of dreams” became the hero of the show, Yuri Nikolaev “I swear.” Leonid Yakubovich told why forbids relatives to watch his program, and the health problems and relationship with his wife.
Леонид Якубович признался, что не живет с женой

Leonid Yakubovich wins more than one generation of viewers with its charm, simplicity and charisma. Why are only his unfailing mustache and a sly look in his eyes, which have long been the hallmark of the 72-year-old artist. Despite his busy schedule, Leonid Abramovich is trying to stay a good family man. However, according to him, it is given to him with difficulty.

So, Yakubovich forced to live away from his wife Marina. In the program Yuriy Nikolaev “Honestly” the presenter confessed that they had long lived apart – she at the cottage outside of town, and he is in a Moscow apartment.

According to rumors, a country house in a small cottage settlement “Penaty” cost Yakubovich almost $ 7 million. However, the owner there is really not the most frequent visitors. Neighbors have told reporters that mostly live here wife Kim’s Marina with her daughter Varya, and Leonid Abramovich occasionally comes to visit relatives.

“There is a home country where we live. But if I’m shooting for two or three days in Moscow, I’m staying in a city apartment. Because to get into the city only once, and only there and back is in any way”, – said Leonid Arkadevich.
Леонид Якубович признался, что не живет с женой

In the program Leonid Abramovich also spoke about the health problems. So, three years ago, he suffered greatly due to the extra weight, which was about 103 pounds.

“Two steps and I was soaking wet. I have rolls over sugar, I could barely breathe. To the extent that I stents put in the heart. Three years ago I accidentally ended up on the court: I was brought here to Cook. It was funny: I waved the racket 20 minutes, then I carried her to the bench where I was half an hour came then” – that the sport helped Yakubovich solve the health problem.

Admitted Yakubovich and that prohibits relatives to watch “Field of dreams”. “I myself don’t watch because I’m afraid to repeat. Unlike you, Yuri, Aleksandrovich, I am an Amateur actor, so I’m afraid to repeat the expression. And my family don’t watch because I don’t look, smiled Yakubovich.

Leonid Yakubovich in the nines own show “Field of miracles”

Remember the TV presenter and about the tragic episode of his life. At the time, he was involved in a road accident in which a man died.

Леонид Якубович признался, что не живет с женой“He was a meter 80, apparently. He hit his head on the mirror, the speed was 38-39 km/h. He was very drunk, as examination showed,” recalled Jakubowicz, adding that after the incident he could not for some time drive.