Leonid Parfyonov first time became a grandfather

Леонид Парфенов впервые стал дедушкой The daughter of a prominent journalist gave birth to his son adorable kid. Ivan Parfenov and his wife Mary named the baby Michael. Users of social networks, congratulations to the family of Leonid Gennadievich, and I wish the kid all the best.
Леонид Парфенов впервые стал дедушкой

58-year-old Leonid Parfyonov noted the addition to the family. On the evening of the fifth of February the son of journalist Ivan first became a father. His wife Maria gave birth to a charming boy, whom they named Michael. A happy event for Parfenov and his family occurred in one of the capital perinatal centers.

The joyful news was reported Parfyonov’s wife Elena Chekalova. Restaurateur and journalist issued a joint photo with her husband on Instagram. In the caption to the picture Elena shared that she became a grandmother. Chekalova Parfenov and can’t get enough of the appearance of a grandson.

“Grandma next to grandpa. Yes, today our family happiness: he was born Mikhail Ivanovich Parfenov-Breitman. Weight 3940 g, height – 54 cm – grandma! Many of my friends this title is not that shy, but they prefer to have their grandchildren call them “Mary” or “Lena”. But we need to talk just grandma and grandpa,” said the wife of a famous TV host.
Леонид Парфенов впервые стал дедушкой

On his Facebook page Elena Chekalova shared details of the appearance of a baby into the world and congratulated the son and daughter-in-law with a joyful event.

“Wow, now husband permission for the birth to be with his wife – in our time it was banned. Maria could hold onto the fool, and he himself cut the umbilical cord. I think it’s so important to my husband also had the baby beside the mother was the favorite, and not just other people’s aunts and uncles. Especially remembering how I gave birth myself and as I yelled obscenities at the nurses. Of course, all can make for the happiness of becoming a mother… But otherwise,” wrote the wife of Leonid Parfenov.
Леонид Парфенов впервые стал дедушкой

Social media users congratulated the TV host with the addition to the family, and left him a number of warm wishes. “A new stage in life!”, “Grow healthy and happy,” “All the best baby”, “Cheers”, “It is a great joy,” “You wonderful” “you Have a heroic daughter – in-law to give birth to such a hero”, “Now we have to wait for grandchildren”, “you are such a lovely couple”, “There is nothing more beautiful than the word “grandma” delivered a baby”, “Waiting in the feed of healthy and tasty children’s menu,” – commented Elena subscribers.

That the wife of Ivan Parfenov expecting a baby, it became known in November last year. “Yes, quite recently it was the wedding of Vanya and Masha and the release of the book “First year married”. And now waiting for replenishment of the family – that is what it means to eat well”, – wrote then Elena Chekalova in social networks.

The son of a famous TV presenter legalized relationship with Mary Braitman, the daughter of an investment banker in 2015. The wedding was held in Moscow according to Jewish customs. The couple received many nice gifts from family and friends. It is known that Mary and John signed a marriage contract – the ketubah.