Leonid Parfenov is back on TV after a long break

Леонид Парфенов возвращается на ТВ после долгого перерыва Well-known journalist will be leading the new entertainment project, the opening date of which is still unknown. General producer of the international television channel RTVi shared an excerpt from the upcoming broadcast with the participation of Leonid Parfenov.

      Some time ago, the Network appeared information that allegedly Leonid Parfyonov will be leading the new show of the First channel, which has received the name “the other day at the karaoke”. Information about the upcoming project was accompanied by photographs taken during filming.

      After some time producer Alexey Pivovarov confirmed information about the running TV show, but denied rumors that it will go on the First channel. According to the man, Parfenov became the leading new entertainment project of the international Russian-language channel RTVi. Your post Brewers accompanied by a video in which a well-known entertainer sings along with Yuri Stoyanov song of the group “Nautilus Pompilius” “Walk on water”.

      “Here on the Network already walking pirate video from the shooting of the new program Leonid Parfenov for the First channel. Let me publish this piece on the air and at the same time clarify: Leonid Parfenov will be the First and RTVI. “The other day at karaoke” – a cool blend of two famous projects distinguished author: “Our era” and “Old songs about the main thing”. What to say… Leonid Gennadievich a long time I had to sing myself. Watch for announcements,” wrote the General producer of the international channel in social networks.

      It is also known that one of the first guests of the show will be Efim Shifrin. The concept of the project implies that the presenter and other participants in the program will remember different times with well-known compositions. The program will remind you of the heading Carpool Karaoke in the transmission of The Late Late Show with British comedian James Korden, and beloved by many Russians “Old songs about the main thing”.

      Information about a new project involving multiple winner of TEFI caused a huge public resonance. Social media users were thrilled about the upcoming TV show. “How cool!”, “Parfyonov is always interesting, on any channel”, “Well, finally. Someone had to do it,” “I haven’t seen Leonid gennadevicha on TV”, “Class!” – discussed the fans of the showman.

      We also add that recently on the First channel started working on music with Paul Priluchny and Yana Churikova, who received the title of “Kings of plywood”. The TV show will be similar to the popular American program Lip Sync Battle. In the filming entertainment has already managed to take part Alexander Revva, Leonid Yarmolnik, Nikolai Fomenko and Elena borscheva.