Leonid Kuravlev accuses doctors at the sudden death of his wife

Леонид Куравлев обвиняет врачей во внезапной смерти жены The actor still cannot come to terms with the departure of a beloved life partner. Leonid Kuravlev believes that her husband could have been saved, but due to the negligence of doctors, she died. The couple were married for 54 years.
Леонид Куравлев обвиняет врачей во внезапной смерти жены

Leonid and Nina Korableva lived together for 54 years. Their Union was considered one of the most durable among the stars of the Soviet cinema. The actor has never been seen in the novels other women. He is always very reluctantly talks about his personal life, but for the sake of the documentary, timed to coincide with his anniversary, I made an exception.

“My wife was very beautiful, incredible. We never gave each other oaths of allegiance before a long separation. Nina was not jealous, in no way knew existed. I’ve never cheated. Why? I already had the woman not want to look for someone else,” said the actor.
Леонид Куравлев обвиняет врачей во внезапной смерти жены

Leonid Vyacheslavovich does not deny that his wife was his only love. They met when Kuravleva was 16 years old, his future wife is only 13. Many colleagues of the actor on the set noted how much he depended on the opinions of Nina Vasilievna. Star of Soviet cinema always consulted with him, listening to her point of view.

The tragic death of Nina Vasilievna became for the actor a real shock. The woman passed away in ‘ 72. After her death Kuravlev began to lead a solitary life.

Despite the fact that since the death of his wife five years have passed, man still continues to think about how tragic stage of his life. He believes that Nina died due to the negligence of doctors.

“She had two heart attacks, I felt bad. We went to the doctor, a young girl, but she found no complications. Said that it is possible to do without surgery. After some time, went to another specialist and he insisted on immediate hospitalization. Was carried out surgical intervention, but it has not helped,” – says the artist.
Леонид Куравлев обвиняет врачей во внезапной смерти жены

The man does not deny that after his wife died, his life stopped. He tries every week to visit the grave of Nina Vasilievna. On the monument is the couple’s engraved name of Leonid Vyacheslavovich. In recognition of the actor, he wants even after his departure to be with his beloved.

Now the main joy in life stars are his grandchildren. “My son Bob are happily married. He and his wife love each other, are raising three brats,” – said Kuravlev.

The man rarely plays in the movie, but it is still recognized on the street. Leonid Vyacheslavovich does not like to be the center of attention, so try not to visit social events. All free time devotes the actor walks through the places of Moscow, where they liked to be with his wife.