Leonid Bronevoy not yet managed to forgive her daughter before death

Леонид Броневой не успел простить дочь перед смертью The famous actor was very uneasy relationship with the heiress. According to some sources, Leonid Bronevoy not met with Valentina a few years. How do I find journalists, movie star never got to see her shortly before his death.
Леонид Броневой не успел простить дочь перед смертью

9 Dec has died the national actor of the USSR Leonid Bronevoy. The actor died after a long illness, did not live eight days before his 89th birthday. Farewell to Leonid Sergeyevich took place on Monday in “Lenkom”. Reporters contacted with similar Armor to Express condolences to them. The phone was answered the niece of the widow of theater and movie stars Valeria. She said that the wife of the Armor Viktoria can’t talk because it was too hard.

“Such artists like him today” colleagues and friends mourn the deceased Leonid Bronevoi

“Leonid S. long was ill. The last month before his departure was in the hospital. Aunt Vick every day was near. To it started up nobody, and he didn’t want to see anyone. Sometimes something sweet asked for cake, ice cream. He always had a sweet tooth. With his wife they have always been very touching, a reverent attitude. He gently addressed her: “Vikochka, deonica”, – said Valery.
Леонид Броневой не успел простить дочь перед смертью

According to relatives of the wife Armor, he had a difficult relationship with her daughter Valentina. Journalists report that a famous actor haven’t seen her in over ten years. The reasons why it happened, Valeria chose not to call.

“He had native blood people, daughter and granddaughter. But he did not communicate with them. 13 years ago they had some conflict, and since then they have not seen” – quoted in the press, the niece of the widow of the actor.
Леонид Броневой не успел простить дочь перед смертью

On the question of whether Valentine was interested in his health and asked whether Leonid S. at the hospital about her daughter, Valeria answered in the negative. Other details of the relative of the widow of the actor chose not to report. Armor loved ones continue to endure a heavy loss.

The daughter of Leonid Sergeevich participated in program shootings “Let speak” devoted to the memory of his famous father. In the broadcast of Valentine could not restrain his emotions. “Dad, I’m sorry for everything. If you think I’m guilty, forgive me. I love you very much, you are my father. Very sorry that it happened,” – she said emotionally.

Daughter of Leonid Bronevoi shared memories about him

Daughter Armour was born in Voronezh in 1958. It was named in honor of the mother of actress Valentina Blinova. The actress was suffering from a serious illness. She died when little Valentina was four years old. “We lived hard, poor, hungry. When he moved to Moscow, my dad didn’t have work, so they had to starve. Then gradually my father appeared, we began to survive”, – shared she.

A few years ago, Valentine openly told reporters that for a long time does not communicate with the father. The woman said that Leonid Sergeyevich very complex. Valentine also suggested that the reason for cooling from the father could be the influence of his wife Victoria Valentinovna. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” interview heiress Armor even more worsened her relationship with a famous artist.