Леонид Барац представил друзьям новую возлюбленную At the Banquet in honor of his birthday, the actor did not depart from his companion. Beloved Leonid Baraza was the namesake of his ex-wife Anna. According to the artist, it gave him a range of emotions.

      The divorce of the stars of “Quartet And” Leonid Baraza and his wife Anna Kasatkina was a real surprise for fans of the artist. The couple lived together for 20 years, but still decided to leave. Meanwhile, Leonid Baratz were not long alone. Less than a year after the divorce, the actor was able to find a new love.

      Baratz said on the eve of the 45th anniversary of one of the capital’s restaurants, where he gathered his closest friends. The actor, who previously did not advertise the relationship with a new lover, Anna, brought a friend in the world. Fiancee Leonid throughout the evening was near him. The artist presented the girl friends and he gave her many compliments during the celebration.

      Entertaining read each other’s phones for a glass of wine.

      Photo published by Alex Baratz (@lesha_barats) 4 Jul 2016 9:51 am PDT

      To congratulate Barca came his colleagues from “the Quartet And” and celebrities. Each Maxim Vitorgan, who was at the evening with a pregnant wife Ksenia Sobchak, has published in his microblog post, dedicated to Leonid.

      “My dear Alex! You’re all grown up. You gave birth and have almost raised two children. Created theatre. I even got “Instagram”. In other words, you have all the Glory. If you ever need anything – a rake, a piece of candle, pillar, net, key 18, you – anything – you can always use me as what you need! For you, I always unpretentious and eager,” he wrote to a friend Vitorgan.

      Leonid Baratz once again fell in love after a divorce

      Interestingly, at the celebration of the birthday of the actor, between the toasts to the health Baraza kind words sounded in the address of his new lady. The actor himself did not depart from a friend. “This girl gave me a huge amount of emotion, the whole spectrum. That’s what we drink! I am grateful to her – it’s a fact”, – quotes the birthday “Life”.

      We will remind, before meeting the new darling Leonid twenty years has lived in marriage with his wife Anna Kasatkina. As Leonid said in an interview with reporters, resolved to divorce him was not easy.

      “This story has so many things tied, a number of “defendants” business and stakeholders involved in what is happening actually or emotionally — and in General, everything is still pretty hot… did Not want to strain or hurt with words. I’m still very fond of his ex-wife, despite the fact that I broke up with her. Anna behaves decently in this situation, for which I am grateful, and I hope it can the same thing be said about me,” Baratz said earlier.

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