Leonid Baratz, “I’m one for quite some time. Want a family!”

Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!» One of the most prominent participants “the Quartet And” told “StarHit” not only about the crisis of middle age, but also about his new lover, upcoming projects, and beautiful daughters.
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»
Leonid, your last film “what men talk About. Continued”, according to movie websites, grossed nearly seven million dollars. It is a success?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»7 million? We just believe in roubles. If you take the CIS and the Ukraine, we collected about 430 million rubles. Hoped to collect more, but it’s still within expectations. —
Now you can say you got the hand on the film?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»No, I could not yet, we’re working with different Directors, therefore, making another film, each time worried. In theatre, we understand more, know more. Now we just preparing for the launch of the new film “Perfect strangers,” where the four will not play themselves and other characters. Almost all the film takes place in one place is a brilliantly written piece with interesting characters and relationships between them. Shooting will begin in may and will release in January and February. The Director will be Alex Needed. —
And performance new?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»We now debate what to do, or something in the spirit of “Berenice” (the play “the second principle is what there is.” – Ed.) the same dramatic and plural, or something like “quartette” conversational gatherings where we came from.—
April 14 in St. Petersburg, DK Lensoveta, you play the play “Letters and songs of middle-aged men…”, where for the first time will take part Maxim Leonidov. He’s a good actor, was not thought to collaborate?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»In this case, Maxim will perform with his group Hippoband. We don’t know, at the meeting greet when it happens, I do, but this time spend a few hours at the rehearsal and have time to chat. Leonidov is clearly in tune with us and we hope that will be interesting, I’m sorry, collaboration, as it is now fashionable to say.

Performance “In the second principle something there”, which was released last year, clearly falls out of the style of “Emperor.” How did you decide on such an experiment?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»I can’t say that it falls, in my opinion, he is simply the next step. We already had one dramatic play “Faster than rabbits”, and here we decided to make normal dramatic narrative – and this task was completed. It goes with regular notices for this period is enough and engorged, all the performers have calmed down, now he goes the way we wanted. —
“Quartet” has been around for many years. As you still upset all and not break up? Can I call you friends? Or are you more like colleagues?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»One does not exclude the other! We, of course, close friends, even more, we are already part of the fate of each other. But as we upset – God knows, probably, between us never was falsehood. Was the abuse scandals, was the ambition, the fights were, although I would call it trying to fight. Look, the argument is at least an indicator of indifference, if I start arguing with Slava (Rostislav Khait. – Ed.) the depth of the argument comes to our overall first class that we went to once, in 1978. No fighting does not happen friendship!

And was there an idea to do a show about divorce?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»If you look “In the second principle something no”, then there’s the main character left his wife, the wife of one of the writer passed to another writer. It wasn’t said the word “divorce”, but the cost is there. —
Just almost all participants “the Quartet And” has recently found a new life partner…
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»Well, let’s talk about it! —
How you personally set for ourselves: divorce is a blessing or misfortune?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»In any case, it is good in any misfortune. In my case, it is certainly both. I believe that what happened to me – a great misfortune, it was hard to overcome, and still for me it is painful. I don’t know, someday it will cease to hurt or be sick all my life, but we had to divorce… But divorce is often also a great happiness, because people realized that they are strangers and they have no common interests, love, and nothing at all. In this case, it is a great opportunity to leave and start with a clean slate.
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»
You now 46 years old. Are you ready to once again become a father and husband. Or there is fatigue from all of this?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»Father I am and in that sense, I’m good. I’m just tired about the fact that I’m single for a long time. And I want a family. Another issue is that in the 46 years you, unlike the 20-year-old, very careful with this. It is both difficult and scary. —
You can say that you are now living in two cities – Moscow and Kyiv, where Anna lives? This has its own charm?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»Tolstoy in fact wrote: “When are you leaving, I love you so much!” Has its own charm, but in my case it is already necessary soon to decide, because it is lonely to come home when there’s nobody there. Especially after the show where you just loved so much. I have even coined a term for this condition: nobody loves me except everyone.—
About his relations with Anna, you once said: “We just do what we envy each other”…
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»We have a very heavy and long love story, it is obvious the texture of our relationship involves a quarrel and reconciliation. Will we be able to get rid of it – I don’t know. I have substantially less jealous of her, and it’s not necessarily jealousy of the man, but simply a zeal for life. I understand that she’s a separate person and you cannot clasp the hands and feet to keep, it belongs to itself and the world. In her case I do not know, whether there has come or will come to this understanding, so we occasionally fight.
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»
You said that Anya really funny and came up with a lot of jokes for the last movie.
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»She’s not a prankster, but rather the supplier phrases and these phrases always makes a joke, just says, and I hear and record. For example, the phrase: “you Have a life and you live your life, and I live in your life, you’re going, and your life goes on, and my ends”… This overheard phrase, this is Anya. Everything that happens in the dining car, for example, about “all the gays, don’t be jealous” is everything that happened between us, it’s all her excuses why she in the club, not at home. —
In one of your interviews you said: “I often feel insignificant small man has achieved nothing and it is not clear why living.” You have these doubts now left?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»No doubt have left and periodically visit. But they give me the opportunity, relying on them to be somewhere else then – to his confidence. —
In his films you often talk about midlife crisis in men, and if it exists in reality? Because there is no such medical term.
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»About the medical term don’t know, but it seems to me that the crisis occurs when you are removed from the eyes the retina of the eyes of the parents and begin to see himself. They are still a big part of your life was trying to protect you, telling stories, planting the right and the good, protecting from too hard of impulses that are full of life. But then the child goes out into the world and become a man. The crisis begins when you begin to see the world, and he is not the same as you told. Here begins a painful transition. You have to love the world you saw with your own eyes, otherwise you won’t live in it.
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»
How are your children?
Леонид Барац: «Я один уже достаточно давно. Хочу семью!»My daughters are beautiful, they are both very warm, loving and smart girl. The eldest daughter is studying in England, she is now an Intern at the Studio “Disney”. Lisa absolutely happy, got a job in the cartoon, the money earns. She has a wonderful husband, and the husband’s family is wonderful. The guy speaks Spanish, English, Hebrew and Russian.

What does eve?
Eva goes to school, does his growing up that challenge. But she’s a good girl, passionate about music, she has a lovely voice, she sings, she is going to go next year to study in England. If Lisa went to a more academic school, eve is more inclined to be creative. Perhaps she will become an actress, but I would like to see her happy. And who she was with is her business.