Леонид Агутин оказался на улице после драки в стриптиз-клубе The actor recalled the incident that occurred with him a couple of years ago in America. As it turned out, Leonid Agutin detained by the local police, after which he went to one of the nightlife with a friend. There singer had to “fight back” from the half-naked girls.

Singer and composer Leonid Agutin was a guest of Yuri Dude. Interview with the artist appeared on the author’s YouTube channel “wdwd”. During the conversation with journalist Simon remembered the last fight and debunk the myths that sings for his wife Angelica Varum.

Dude asked yesterday, when he last waved his fists. Answering a question of blogger, the contractor admitted that a couple of years ago got into a fight in America. It all started after a drunken friend of Leonid decided to go on an adventure.

“Two years ago in the winter drank with a friend at the hotel in Miami. He demanded a sequel, I had to follow him. Was a long Saga, he was sitting behind the wheel. I fell asleep, woke up on the pavement, and the police read me my rights. As it turned out, the other for a very long time circling in the same place to find a restaurant. This caused suspicion among police officers. They took his car confiscated,” – says the artist.

Frustrated friend Leonid didn’t know where to go. It was the middle of the night. After some thought, the two friends decided to go to the institution for men. According to the artist, they were just looking for a place mentally to talk.

“I told him that poured at this time and are allowed to smoke only in strip bars. Other places just not there. It was quiet, peaceful, we stood at the counter, began to talk – shared the artist. – We began to approach some disturbing and irritating, bad view of a stripper. We tried to fight them money, saying, “don’t touch us.” Then came chef, the Italian mafia. What he said, I don’t remember. I remember that I beat him. Miraculously I did not hit back. In the end two of us got thrown out”.

Agutin and his friend were on the street without a penny in his pocket. They didn’t know how to get home, and cars passing by did not stop. Suddenly over took pity that mates with the owner, who attacked the artist. The man delivered them to their homes and took money for it.

In a recent interview with Leonid Agutin also shed light on the rumors that the singer’s wife Angelica Varum. In the Network periodically there are “sensational” revelations of the star couple. When Internet users change the tone of the songs “Everything is in your hands” and “the Artist that paints rain”, they notice that Varum sings exactly like Agutin. Leonid denied the speculation of the public.

“I myself, when I first heard this, opupel, the artist said. I couldn’t distinguish your voice from the voice of Angelica. It’s a miracle, no other name. Even if I sing, then what would happen? She’s without me working at concerts, from Angelica about 300 songs in his career. If you take the other songs, you will see that they are sung in different ways. Just these similar songs”.