Леонид Агутин рассказал, как будет праздновать юбилей
A musician preparing for an important event.

Leonid Agutin

16 Jul 2018
year, singer, composer, author and producer Leonid Agutin is 50 years old.
How will celebrate this solemn event, the musician held
the press-conference in TASS.

10 Nov
Leonid Agutin gives a large concert in the Moscow sports complex “Olympic”. Site selection was not random. After all
it was here that on 15 April 1995 with a full house, he had his first solo
concert: “This was a significant event not
only for me but also for professionals of the music world. On the same day
held concerts in GKZ “Russia” in the Kremlin. And I had
to understand get a star or not, I gather this hall or not. And I have collected. For
me it was the same as the star lay. It took a certain number of years, and
I want that success again.”

Hero of the day
lifted the veil of secrecy the forthcoming concert program and named the star
colleagues, and there will be about 30, which this evening will take the stage: Alla Pugacheva, al Di Meola, Arturo Sandoval, Grigory Leps, Sergei Shnurov, Basta,
Valery Meladze, Vladimir Presnyakov, Emin Agalarov, Ivan Dorn, the group
“A-Studio”, Konstantin Khabensky, Andrey Merzlikin, Soso Pavliashvili,
Pelagia, Alexander Marshall, Garik Sukachev, the participants of the project “the Voice”:
Anton Belyaev, Anastasia Spiridonova, Brandon Stone, Elina Chaga, Mariam
Merabova, Georgy Yufa, Intars Busulis, Daria Antonyuk. And, of course, family
musician: wife Angelika Varum, daughter Lisa Varum and dad Nikolai Agutin.

Leonid also like
invite rock legend Zucchero Italy, but the organizers of the concert Agency
“Mill” implored, that is nowhere to concert so almost 4
hours on TV as impossible. “But we have already agreed to record
Duo. Left to do it. It will happen next year. Somewhere in the fall
let’s start with the track”.

On the anniversary
the concert star guests will sing songs by Leonid Agutin, someone will sing a solo
and someone in a duet with the birthday boy. It will be something like show-festival –
orchestra, choir and many other interesting ideas. Organizers are preparing for
concert special stage design.

Another significant gift for themselves and for their
fans of the day called the new double album, which will be released in September
the label “Quad-disc”. Every two years, beginning in 1994,
the musician is regularly a new record coming out. During this time there were about 160
tracks and 11 albums. So this time he decided to change traditions.

the album does not yet have. According to Leonid, the two plates will be of the order of 30
tracks. “One disc is a cover version of well-known songs (not mine) and
Western music, and our. This work has been in festivals, and
specially made for tributes, the best and most interesting. Which were also
recorded Studio, including new. For example, now were at the festival
“The audition”, played the song Tsoi “Over the summer”. And here
recorded it in the Studio version, she went into the album covers. Also
for the anniversary of Vladimir Presnyakov I specifically recorded the song. A lot of interesting things.
“Winter cherry” Angelika Varum in my performance, Stevie wonder song, “Dance,
while you are young” Oleg Gazmanov in my performance and my team. All this
was once done on any occasion, but dissipated, forgotten and now
all together consisting of 16 songs will be released on one disc. I think it’s
interesting, because not many of the musicians who made this record”.

the album will consist of new songs this past year, five of which
this is the soundtrack to the movie: “Two minutes of life” (for/f “Frontier”), “I can’t see you” (for/f “Zhili-byli”
Dobronravov), “Moscow number” (for/f “Draft” by Lukyanenko) and the Russian version of the film “Friend
stranger” which is now filming “the Quartet And”. And
brand new songs that no one has yet heard.

In addition,
the anniversary will be celebrated creative evenings on upcoming festivals:
the July festival of “Heat” in Baku will take place creative evening of Leonid
Agutin and “New wave” will be held the evening where young musicians
Agutin will perform songs in a modern dance version.

As for
calendar day of birth, as told by the birthday boy, July 16, he, along with 200
friends will celebrate the anniversary “in one place”, where the scene will be
favorite Agutin musicians, and artists of the it production center, recently
opened its doors to young talents: “It will be great
a celebration!”.

noted that the official presentatie production center “Agutin” scheduled for the end of September-the beginning
Oct, which will be a separate press conference.

In September,
reminded Maestro, opens the first experimental pop-jazz
unit on the basis of “Children’s music school named after A. K. Liadov”,
leader which he is. This is a joint project with the Department
the culture of Moscow. The recruitment Department is already in full swing.