Leonid Agutin told about the problems in the marriage with Angelika Varum

Леонид Агутин рассказал о проблемах в браке с Анжеликой Варум

The new guest of the program Yulia Menshovoj is a 48-year-old musician Leonid Agustin. In the Studio the singer and songwriter was very Frank, in particular, he said that they have in the family Angelica Varum is the problem that they are working on constantly: “There is a problem. Big. Happiness and the problem at the same time. Understandably, when the wife is the fool, it is possible not to argue. You can just Bang his fist on the table, and all. And Angelica is not a fool, understand what horror? And she says sensible things. Some things she takes pretty cynical when it’s needed. She’s right most often. I can only agree or not, can I have it or not. For example, you’re right, but I am not able to change anything. Or I will work on it”.

Agutin admitted that in the first years of life with Angelica, he was the head of the family, but gradually from that place he shifted and now he has repeated swarms: “When we started Dating and quickly to live together, I was home at all. I thought it must be, saw it as his destiny. This is my little girl, now will I explain to her how to sing, how to play the band… you can rely On me, I always can suggest to help. I’m cool. And you can cook: “go away. This is done so”. She patiently, patiently, year, second, third, patiently endured it all – with a smile recalls the artist. Endured, that I cook well, but very long, and so on. I didn’t notice how it happened. Gradually, I stopped to go to the kitchen. Professional advice, too, have long since ceased to give. This does not mean that she learned. This means that it simply did not hurt from my psyche of the alpha male, and explained that she knows what I tell her, and for a long time and knows better.”