Леонид Агутин рассказал о дорогих подарках для дочек
The singer told, how to spoil your family.

Леонид Агутин рассказал о дорогих подарках для дочек

Leonid Agutin


The generosity of Leonid Agutin are the envy of many. The singer told about what gifts are for the New year has in store for his family. The eldest daughter, 21-year-old Pauline, presented by paid ticket to London. She had long dreamed of a trip with a boyfriend in the UK. The singer considers it quite natural that sponsored his future son-in-law. “Anything criminal do not see this! He’s a great guy. The time will come, and will be very good to earn. Throughout your time! Her boyfriend is very clever. I believe that man, of course, obliged to provide for his family. But now is the time when is put in the forefront the fact that the guy must be loaded. And people make a lot of wrong actions because of this. I think this is wrong. It is necessary gradually to do!” — told Leonid.

And the youngest daughter Agutin has prepared a useful gift that will help her in creative activities. Leonid prepares to give Elizabeth the musical setting for one and a half million rubles. “For the New year, Lisa asked me to buy her a music remote, to make do it yourself professional recording — told the proud father. Good the child desire. All of the case – this can only be welcome!”

Leonid Agutin with her daughters Elizabeth and Pauline

Photo: @agutinleonid Instagram Leonid Agutin

Leonid to his wife yet did not buy anything. However, new year’s eve Angelica is not always waiting for her husband’s surprise, because he spoils her all year round. The artist doesn’t need a special occasion to please your favorite. “My wife, in principle, certain dates of the gifts is not asking. Periodically she has a thought that she needed something. Then she says: “Come buy!” For example, a dress that costs a fortune, or some thing that can not afford the financial!” — Leonid admitted in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.