Leonid Agutin thinks about leaving “the Voice”

Леонид Агутин задумывается об уходе из "Голоса"
The TV show “the Voice” was able to win the love of viewers, and mentor Leonid Agutin for the past five seasons gives a chance to young performers to reveal their talent.

Леонид Агутин задумывается об уходе из "Голоса"

According to Leonid, at one point the project might annoy the audience, because it is not the first year. The contractor prior to each season thinking about how to leave the chair of the mentor, but each time changes his mind.

Леонид Агутин задумывается об уходе из "Голоса"

“Once bored the audience and us. Sometimes after the program to think that is enough to torture people, the more I will not go there. But then, when the television you call and offer to participate in the project, becomes so pleased that you need, that is still consent. And when you come to the Studio, then you know that he missed you, again, want to make room, to come up with new versions of songs. I think using screen is that of ourselves it is fascinating. So until now, “the Voice” has such a great rating,” — says Leonid.

Recall that recently, the musician celebrated the anniversary, he turned 50 years old.

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