Leonid Agutin showed his grown-up beautiful daughter

Леонид Агутин показал свою повзрослевшую красавицу-дочку
The singer touching congratulated Elizabeth with age.

Daughter of Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum — Elizabeth

Leonid Agutin shared a rare snapshot of the total girls with Angelica Varum — Elizabeth. The heiress bride from childhood lives a sheltered life in Miami. So fans can keep track of how growing up the daughter of artists only on those rare photos published by famous parents.

Daughter Agutin and Varum celebrates its coming of age. Leonid touching congratulated his daughter turned 18 in social networks.

“We don’t like unnecessary words, but sometimes you pronounce them. We quietly kept love for you and for us. You don’t bear a dream within them, bringing us peace. I wrote wrong… Thank God that you were born this way! Did you catch the thread and I could be with you to be silent. As they say, dear, difficult to live with. Anyone saying that the girl is hard to come by. But I believe in your star and I love your hysterical verse. Only used the life you have lived! For yourself and for the three of us…

Dear, hi! Love you! Proud of you! Of power to you in this life, great experiences, success, tenderness, love and, of course, lots of eternal and beautiful music in your soul! Dad,” — wrote Leonid.

The singer’s fans were touched by this anxious attitude of the artist to her daughter. By the way, they did not leave without attention the fact that Elizabeth has grown into a real beauty. She inherited from her parents expressive facial features.