Леонид Агутин раскрыл секрет шоу «Голос»
The singer hinted that the project is waiting for serious change.

Leonid Agutin, Alexander Gradsky and Pelagia

Photo: Social Networks

Leonid Agutin, inadvertently, revealed the secret of the upcoming season of “the Voice”. Shortly after the finals the children’s version of the competition, the singer gave an interview in which he spoke about whether he will be in the jury of the next season of the project. Leonid definite answer is not given, but from his review it can be concluded that fans likely won’t see him in the famous red chair. Moreover, “Voice” can leave the whole “Golden team” of mentors, namely Agutin, Pelageya, Dima Bilan and Alexander Gradsky.

“If invited, I will probably go. But I don’t think will call. Think they will make a completely new structure, completely new!” — says Leonid.

He also hinted that one of the mentors does not want to leave popular TV show. Their participation depends on the decision of the leadership of the First channel. “Voice is such a powerful project that none of it for himself neither closes nor opens. There either invited or not!” — quoted by TASS yesterday.

Fans of “the Voice” reacted negatively to the statement by Leonid. Viewers expressed their dissatisfaction in social networks. However, there is a chance that the singer is a bit “excited” in his revelation. Maybe Leonid specially created intrigue? Anyway, the composition of the mentors of the new season will be approved only in August.