Leonid Agutin has received an incredibly touching message from his wife

Леонид Агутин получил невероятно трогательное поздравление от жены
Angelika Varum admitted feelings to the beloved.

Леонид Агутин получил невероятно трогательное поздравление от жены

Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum

Photo: @avarum (Instagram Angelika Varum)

About the best gift and dream hard. Leonid Agutin today is celebrating his 48th birthday. Their first greetings he received from his beloved wife Angelica Varum. The singer touchingly confessed to feelings for Agutin and frankly told that the rest of my life wants to spend with him alone.

Leonid Agutin

Photo: @avarum (Instagram Angelika Varum)

“From the moment we “entwined tails” (Pelevin), and whenever work or life circumstances forced us to leave, even for a little while, I impossibly wanted to be here the same character sitting on your shoulder. And that no obligations, no hassles. Just to be around. Always. Happy birthday, My! Be healthy, prosperous and happy! Let the good Luck to you all and the inspiration never leaves you!” — written by Angelica.

The love story of Varum and Agutin has lasted for more than 18 years. They are many in the world of show business a shining example of marriage. Despite the fact that they, like in almost any other couple, had their UPS and downs, Angelica and Leonid continue to treat each other with incredible warmth and love.

By the way, not so long ago Varum celebrated his birthday. Then Agutin due to busy schedule was unable to be at the forefront congratulated. However, freed, he wrote his wife a heartfelt congratulations in social networks.

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