Леонид Агутин публично признался в алкоголизме
The singer told about its harmful habit.

Photo: a frame from the transmission

Leonid Agutin than once suspected of excessive love for “the green snake”. How many times because of alcohol, the singer found himself in an unpleasant situation! Once in America after a fun party with each other he found himself in the police in Jurmala had a fight in the club, the paparazzi caught him sleeping the night on the bench… But the worst thing is that because of his addiction he almost lost his beloved wife Angelica Varum.

One day after the festival “New wave” of Leonid photographed kissing an unknown girl. As it assured Agutin, he didn’t remember any that did, nor the girl herself.

“I went online, and there is this crap — kissing and cuddling with the girl he was talking to at the party. I was blown away. More precisely, ohrenel! — then told Agutin “7 Days”. — Look at this mess and not believe my own eyes. The whole scene I don’t remember — absolutely! I did not make excuses, did not comment, did not go to talk shows, even though they called me a hundred times. What’s there to know? Say what you will, in any case, he is guilty. On “hot traces” to talk to his wife failed. Actually, I talked mostly Angelica, and very emotional. I listened to all that had to listen. She gathered her things and left. I called her, but she didn’t answer. And the next day we met at the concert. Manya (Varum is actually named Maria. — Approx. 7days) pointedly silent, as if in an emphasis I does not see. Me too. Know what to say in this situation is silly. What can I say?! And heart is torn by anguish and guilt. And here in this state we go on stage and sing love songs… Worked the concert, silently went to the dressing room, changed clothes and again went in different directions. The next day, the concert in St. Petersburg. The hotel room we had across the street. She knocked and came in. We sat on the couch, cried, and felt… happy. It was so clear that we’re apart I will be here… In General, it is necessary to drink less!”

Since Agutin watching their behavior and not allow yourself too much. As they say, “there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped”. However, the singer admits that the problem remained.

“I’m an alcoholic! I’m just lucky, I’m a highly intelligent alcoholic. So when I quit drinking, with myself not bored. I’m pretty self-sufficient person and don’t think how can I spend time on how to do without glasses. The horror of me not covers, there are lots of other activities. And it all started from the fact that when I was young, I was all in bulk, there the attention of journalists. I somehow got a little scared, was not ready, and so the only way of protection and defence had to be constantly “under gas”, so I was able to be an artist. And then somehow learned to do without it, that’s all. Now there are times when you want to drink, but I do it very rarely,” admitted the singer “Interlocutor”.