Leonid Agutin gave daughter Pelagia author’s gift

Леонид Агутин преподнес дочери Пелагеи авторский подарок The artist showed the gift to his followers on Twitter. A few months ago, Leonid Agutin released the book “I am an elephant”. So he decided to give one instance of his colleague on the project “the Voice” – wringing.

Leonid Agutin – not only a talented singer and composer but also a writer. One of the latest books issued by the author, was the children’s publication “I am an elephant”. For the first time Leonid presented the book in September at the book fair. And now the artist gives away her friends and acquaintances. One book went to a colleague yesterday on the project “the Voice”.

“A gift for Pelagia. More precisely, for Taisia Ivanovna. My children’s book. Lalike a bit early, of course, but time flies. You’ll see, soon will be something to read,” said Leonid.

Subscribers to marvel at the talents yesterday. “Congratulations! I think it’s your business and your mission – to give people happiness in music, communication, books of wisdom”, “Great! The kids love these books!” – discuss the followers of the singer and composer.

The author thanked the publisher and those who worked with him on the project. “Wrote a children’s educational book. She is beautiful, with pictures. But he never would have guessed. It is a project. Action. Me in the company of famous and remarkable people were invited to participate. And I’m happy,” said Agutin.

Pelageya rarely talks about how growing Taisiya. The artist prefers to protect her personal life from public attention. However, the mentor of “the Voice” admits that she and her husband Ivan by Telegina often fulfill any desires girl.

“She says “mom” and “dad”. She has eight teeth, and cut another four. She is very serious woman. We all have such awe in front of her. We really want to serve and to do something to make it slightly lifted the corner of her mouth” – shared the singer.