Леонид Агутин объяснил «исчезновение» Дарьи Антонюк The musician has apologized for their pupils. Daria Antonyuk became the winner of the fifth season of the show “the Voice.” Now, however, the girl rarely speak – she releases new songs and rarely at social events.
Леонид Агутин объяснил «исчезновение» Дарьи Антонюк

21-year-old Daria Antonyuk became the winner of the fifth season of the popular TV show “the Voice.” Mentor girls was a famous musician Leonid Agutin. In may of this year, when there was a heated discussion, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest, the young singer was one of the contenders. Despite a bright start, now the artist does not indulge fans with new songs. Also, she stopped flickering in the society pages. Agutin hastened to make excuses for this silence.

The winner of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk: “I know, why am I so negative!”

“Reporters think that she is still very young, what can I say? Let’s see what would happen next. And then, the fifth season of “the Voice” is not the first and not the second. There is no longer such a fuss about it. For me, this is very unfair, because Daria Antonyuk defeated worthy opponents in the main competition of the big country,” – says the artist.

However Daria does not feel the lack of interest from the public. She admitted that is always busy and rarely appears at events the artist continues to study at the Studio School of the Moscow art theatre.

Agutin also noted that the show “the Voice” – like competition. Most of the musicians perform well-known songs, but because the audience wondering whether the contestants make it in your own manner. He noted that in many countries are analogs of the vocal project, where there are truly talented performers. However, the stars become one.

“Dasha, in my opinion, was not an open door or a wide road on the pop Olympus, but rather a loophole, a way through which the demands of work and the sea of luck,” said Agutin.

It is fair to say that not only the winner of the fifth show of “the Voice” rarely produces hits and removes clips. Songs of the winners of past seasons – Dina Garipova, Sergei Volchkov, Alexandra Vorobyova, and Hieromonk Photius does not often appear in TV and radio broadcasting. However, Daria finds that the project participants do not leave the scene.

“I don’t think guys disappear: they give a lot of concerts, touring. For me, frequent performances — not something I aspire to. I want to work on the quality of the music, its sound and performance, to promote popular music to another level — to become one of those who at least attempts to do so, and not just making money,” Antoniuk said in an interview with “Izvestia”.