Leonid Agutin did the fans a beautiful gift

Леонид Агутин сделал поклонникам красивый подарок
The musician has composed the soundtrack to the most anticipated film premieres Feb.

Леонид Агутин сделал поклонникам красивый подарок

Today “Autoradio” was first performed song of Leonid Agutin “Two
minute of life.» This song is the soundtrack to the film directed by Dmitry
“Frontier” (a joint production of Studio KIT and NTV). In hire
“Frontier” will be released February 22, 2018, and then on TV

Леонид Агутин сделал поклонникам красивый подарок

Especially for the future premiere of Agutin also created a new
the clip, which was filmed in Saint-Petersburg — the city where the shooting took place part of the film and about the heroic defense of the Nazis and tells the film.

the film “the Frontier” the story begins with a young cynical
businessman Michael (Paul Priluchny) unexpectedly meets his love, and
this meeting entails striking
temporal and spatial anomaly. So, Michael gets in the middle
bloody battles on Nevsky
the patch under Leningradom. There where no credit cards and gadgets, which killed millions of people and
in ruins of the city. To save his beloved and forever
to come back to reality,
he is forced to become a party to an existential quest.