Leonid Agutin could not protect his daughter from danger

Леонид Агутин не смог уберечь дочь от опасности The singer said that his daughter stayed in Miami, despite the warnings of parents about the impending hurricane “Irma”. Elizabeth did not want to leave the United States without a boyfriend. Now the life of a child Varum and Agutin in no danger.

Leonid Agutin rarely talks to fans about life daughters. Periodically, the star father shares photos of grown-up Pauline and Elizabeth in Instagram, touching signing pictures. Both the successor of an artist living abroad.

However, behind the scenes of the festival “New wave” Leonid said “StarHit” about how much worried about the safety of his younger daughter, Elizabeth. The fact that the girl is now in Miami, where more recently, hurricane “Irma”.

“We insisted that she left. Even the tickets found on the plane, but Lisa said she didn’t want to leave the country without the young man. But mark does not agree to leave without his parents. In short, they just didn’t want to miss the hurricane. For young people this event, then you can brag that you were in the midst of a hurricane, to spread the video in social networks. I believe this is unacceptable behavior on the part of children,” said Agutin.

The successor of the famous artist living in Miami since childhood. There Elizabeth met her beloved, musician mark. Fans share the position of Leonidas, considering that do not need to play with fate. The singer said that now his daughter is safe, and the hurricane “Irma” gradually subsides.

By the way, Leonid Agutin — is not the only representative of domestic show-business, who had to worry about the safety of relatives in the United States. So, Natasha Koroleva told earlier that her husband now lives in Miami. Sergey Glushko regularly share videos and photos, talking about the violence of the elements.

The hurricane was so strong that it took down trees and knocked out the glass in the shop Windows. Now the family of Natalia Koroleva is safe.

“Hurricane “Irma” finally subsided. I want to thank all those who supported us, prayed. With your support, we survived,” – shared his impressions from the experience Sergey Glushko in Instagram.

Another eyewitness of the disaster became Igor Nikolaev’s daughter, Julia. The heiress of the composer did not leave Miami, despite warnings from local authorities. She shared a video, which depicted a natural disaster. “Be careful, this is not a joke”, “a nightmare! Do not go out on the balcony and take care of yourself”, “I would place your dad was unhappy. You can’t put yourself in that much danger,” – shared his impressions of the subscribers are young women.

Now the weather conditions in Florida do not cause any concern. In Miami again the sun is shining, and therefore the relatives of local stars are in no danger.