Leonid Agutin commented on the sensational quarrel with Angelika Varum

Леонид Агутин прокомментировал нашумевшую ссору с Анжеликой Варум
The singer has told about the reasons of discord in the family.

Leong Agutin and Angelika Varum

Photo: @agutinleonid Instagram Leonid Agutin

Leonid Agutin was forced to justify before fans for public quarrel with Angelica Varum, witnesses of which were a couple of days ago the audience of their joint concert in Ulyanovsk.

According to the gathered fans, instead of performing his famous hit, “Queen,” wife, celebrated this year’s 19th anniversary of family life, started right there on the scene to sort things out. Angelica allegedly went to scene very late, and Leonid could not hide his dissatisfaction with the behavior of his wife and they had a quarrel. It came to the fact that the result of the conflict, according to media reports, after the concert Agutin did not go to the reserved along with Varum hotel and chose to spend the night elsewhere.

Scandal between the couple quickly became public. This incident displeased the audience began to Express outrage in social networks. Many of them were extremely disappointed by the behavior of the pair, behind which is already a long experience of joint statements.

Later in social networks Leonid justified for his behavior. He published a joint photo with Angelica, in the signature to which has told about what really happened at the concert. Agutin admitted that the tour was really heavy. However, he explained occurred at a concert of the difficulty does not quarrel with his wife, and poor health Varum.

“Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Saransk, Yoshkar-Ola, thank you! To himself we are a little accustomed to, but to your applause, smiles and sincere location is impossible to adjust. Every time is a great success! — wrote Leonid. — Especially because the trip was quite difficult. Angelica was sick, but managed. Came on the scene and worked the entire route just heroically. Let’s go home. There are a couple of days to take a breath and let it go…”